Top 5 Apps of 2013

Top 5 apps

On the commute to work, during TV adverts and on a lunch break, where would the world be without its Apps. With the trend of mobile devices set to rise through 2013, we have a sneak peak into the five apps destined for big things.


1. Betterment

Available since 2010 and now estimated to be worth around $100 Million. Betterment is an online investment account dedicated to help people reach their goals. Through its elegant design the app aims to help people make the right choice with regards to financial investments (it does this through programmed recommendations based on user input & trends) and further aims the user to make better decisions in life. Through its sophisticated design, users can control their finances from one application, enabling them to make time for the more important things in life. Currently available for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad via the itunes app store.

2. Airbnb

This app is for the explorer in you. Available on most apple devices and now available to the android market, Airbnb puts you in touch with accommodation from across the world with the simple slide of the finger. Need somewhere to stay in New York for a couple of nights? Want to set off to your own private island? With properties in over 33,000 cities across the world, weâ??re sure youâ??ll find the perfect place to rest.

3. Angry Birds Star Wars

Available to those with android or apple enabled devices, here is the latest edition of the game download by one seventh of the worlds population. With the Pig Star replacing the Death Star, you are bound to amuse yourself for hours in this addictive, yet at times frustrating game. Just be careful, you donâ??t want to be contacting the iPad repair people to explain why you threw your tablet now do you.

4. Beer Citizen

For the Beer connoisseur in you waiting to get out, this really is the app for you. Available for Android and iOS this app allows you to rate beers from around the world.  Share your knowledge of local tipples with your friends and the larger beer community. Landlords from across the country will be asking for your advice with regards to the next guest ale.

5. AmpliTube Jimi Hendrix

Now this is the special app which will draw a variety of opinions both positive and negative. Only available for the IPad and costing £10.99, this app allows the user to sound like, wait for it… Jimi Hendrix. Along with the app you will need a guitar (and be able to play guitar). The app basically enables you to recreate the same effects Hendrix used during his short, yet infamous career. It may be quite tricky to set up, but once youâ??ve mastered it you will be able to ask the question, are you experienced enough?

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