Top 20 Bizarre & Interesting Websites

What follows are my top 20 favourite bizarre or interesting websites that I have ever stumbled upon.

Cats that look like Hitler imageThis is a website which has been featured on TV. Cats that look like Adolf Hitler! Who is Hitler? He could well be drinking milk in your kitchen . . .

Who is Hitler? Maybe it’s your cat. On this website you can view cats from all over the world that are possible reincarnations of Hitler. Has your cat ever raised its paw when you come home from work? Does your cat have a moustache? Your cat could be secretly planning a mass invasion of the dog kennels. What I like about this site is that it’s based on a simple concept and is massively popular.

Can you imagine telling your friends that you are going to create a website about dogs that look like Winston Churchill? They would laugh their heads off right? I’d imagine the creators of this website got some flak before the creation of the site with cats that look like Adolf Hitler, but now they are laughing because it is a big hit.

So when you get the question ‘Who is Hitler’ or someone interested in what exactly happened to Adolf Hitler, give them a link to this strange website. Link


Hubble site imageHubbleSite is an excellent website for viewing images caught by the Hubble telescope. If you want to explore space from the comfort of your chair, then you can’t go wrong checking out this link.

Here you can check out and download free images caught by the Hubble telescope. The site is well put together and easy to navigate around. You can learn more about astronomy, view a gallery of images and learn more about the Hubble telescope itself.

Included in the site is a news centre with the latest discoveries and a tab where you can find out the best museums. Hubble images are open for everyone to see and enables you to travel through space and view the beauty of different planets, suns and far off galaxies, whilst being mesmorised by the mysterious aspects of space, such as black holes and dark matter.

There are more suns than there are grains of sand on every beach of this planet, and many of those suns have planets orbiting the suns. Is there life on other planets? Well, mathematically, it would be surprising if there weren’t. I doubt if the aliens will be like aliens featured in movies though, probably completely different to what we could even imagine. Could we communicate with aliens? I doubt it, unless they are more advanced than us as we can’t even communicate with dolphins. Check out this fascinating journey into the real unknown with the Hubble telescope. . .

Hubble Site Link


Misspelling of Words Site is a site with photos of hilarious misspelling of words from around the world.

Let’s face it, if English is a foreign language it’s hardly surprising if there aren’t a few mistakes here and there. This site doesn’t make fun of this, but looks at the light side by selecting the funniest misspellings.

This site has many categories for misspelling of  words from around the world, such as on buildings, T-shirts and cups. An example is of a shopping centre named ‘Creamy Prison’, a restaurant named ‘Cut Heads’ and even a ‘Pasta Hose’.

On the website they’ve misspelt some words deliberately, such as ‘Brog’ instead of ‘Blog’.

This is a hilarious and light hearted misspelling of words website where if you are looking for a few laughs is a good site to surf around on a coffee break.

Engrish Site Link

Stock Shares Icon Link

The Motley Fool Site is a free site where you can learn about stock shares dealing by creating a virtual portfolio.

Motley Fool is an ideal way to dabble in stock shares for free, or as a training tool to hone your skills before parting with real world money. The  site has information on how to invest, forums for discussing the latest tips and hunches and even tips for investing for retirement.

Here you can research stocks and view other peoples ratings of those stocks. Will you become a long term trader or a day trader? Be sure to have time on your hands if you want to start day trading for real, as the people I have met who do this are constantly checking their smart phones and spend upwards of 2 hours per day doing research.

Will you invest in blue chip companies or take high risk investments by swimming up stream like a salmon against popular advice? Choose your stock shares strategy . . . And above all, have fun 🙂

Motley Fool Site Link


Stupid Laws Link Icon‘Dumb Laws’ is a collection of the most stupid laws from around the world.

You can search US stupid laws or international stupid laws that are bizarre and fun to view. For instance, in Switzerland it is against the law to flush a toilet after 10 pm. You are also not allowed to relieve yourself whilst standing up after 10 pm. If you leave the car keys inside your car when the car door is open you will be punished by law. Clothes may not be hung up to dry on a Sunday in Switzerland too. So Sundays and anytime after 10 pm in Switzerland is a potentially tricky time!

Some of these laws are so ridiculous that you have to wonder why countries don’t terminate these stupid laws which are clearly outdated. They spend ages preparing the laws and submitting them, but for some reason it’s difficult to take them down. Maybe there’s too much red tape? Who knows?


Dumb Laws Website Link


Lock Ness Monster Icon LinkEver wanted to sit on the banks of Loch Ness and search for Nessie? Well you can do this from the comfort of your own chair in front of your PC.

The Lock Ness Webcam site has a live 24 hour web cam where you can keep an eye out for Nessie in the comfort of your own home. This site give you the evidence to support the legend of Nessie as well as information about the most well known Nessie hunters.

There is even a gift shop and the chance to order Nessie postcards. You have to have a lot of time on your hands though as Nessie does not surface often. You can read the latest Nessie news as well as being able to read the search for Nessie diary.

Make sure your computer screen is clean before sitting fixated on watching the live cam feed, as if your eyes begin to get tired, you may get excited about a possible Nessie sighting in loch ness, only to realise that it was an insect or a piece of dust on your screen.

Lock Ness Webcam Website Link


Site link for learning a languageThe BBC has a very useful site for learning a language for free.

This website is completely free and gives you free lessons in learning a language such as Spanish and German. This is an excellent resource site for people beginning or thinking of taking up learning another language.

Yes, paying a TV license in Great Britain is a laughing point for people living in other countries. TV detector vans seem like a tale from a bizarre comedy and even British people can’t work out why they are still paying a TV license when there are so many other channels that contain adverts. It would seem then that the TV license is only good for the BBC which doesn’t have adverts. This is annoying obviously, but when it comes to quality programmes and resources such as this website, it doesn’t sting so much to pay it because there is quality work produced.

Beard tax and window tax from the recent past is another matter, as well as the recently considered ‘view tax’ and ‘computer tax’.

And hey, if you live in America or another country you can glean some of the BBC’s quality resources for learning a language for absolutely free without looking through your window trembling at the thought of a TV detector van pulling up 🙂

BBC Languages Website Link

Free Video Clips Link IconMost blogs saying how to get Pond 5 free video clips footage are referring to low quality test downloads. Here is a link to Pond 5’s weekly free full HD footage.

Pond 5 is arguably the best and most well known resource for free video clip footage, including full HD footage. With this link you can check every week for free footage.

Why is completely free video footage being put up on a site where you usually have to pay for the footage? Well, one reason is that it helps to advertise Pond 5 and another reason is that people who put up some free footage can advertise their pool of video resources.

Most of the time the footage will be completely unrelated to the project that you are looking to put together, but there are times when the footage matches and can be worked into a project. Sometimes the free video clips footage quality is okay, then other times the quality is excellent. Check out this week’s free Pond 5 video footage.

Pond 5 Weekly Free Footage Website Link

Top free apps website link‘Latest Free Apps’ is an excellent site to check out the latest top free apps that have gone free.

There are also quality app reviews for some of the best top free apps out there. Apps are rated on a rating system of one to five, with five being the highest rated apps. Sometimes the apps have gone free and sometimes they are free for a limited time only.

The latest price drops are also featured on the site. You can request a write up on any game that you particularly find interesting. This website is good to check every week. There are so many top free apps and price drops on this site that it wil make your head spin. You may never have to pay for an app again . . .

Latest Free Apps Website Link

This link to PrizeFinder is to one of the best competition sites for free stuff in the UK that you’ll ever find.

The site is well maintained and features almost all competitions for free stuff kicking around in the UK. There are tiebreaker competitions and easy to enter contests as well as email entry competitions divided into multiple categories.

Facebook and Twitter competitions are now included on this site as well as competitions that are closing soon. You can also view competitions by frequency, as in daily, weekly and monthly.

New to the site is a blog and also advice on how to win competitions to further tip your odds of winning free stuff. Some big prizes pop up on contests on this site every now and again, in amongst the competitions for TVs, laptops, plane tickets and holidays. A great site to bookmark and check weekly.

Prize Finder Website Link
The avatar creator

Design the avatar of your choosing!

Create your own avatar for absolutely free at ‘Create My Avatar’. Ideal for Facebook or Google accounts, as well as a host of other uses.

You can customise your avatar on this website to your heart’s content. You can modify such features as skin, hair colour and eyes. You can cartoonify yourself and the avatar for fun or to use as a personal icon on your favourite forums.

You can even add accessories such as earrings or a pair of glasses. This would be an ideal surprise for a friend too if you have their profile picture. The avatar that you’d otherwise have to pay for or draw to be made up is easy to make on this website. An easy to use interface and lots of fun!

Create My Own Avatar Link

Website for a virtual toilet roll image linkI guarantee you’ll not find many sites much stranger than this site, where the object is to unroll a toilet paper roll, endlessly.

Yes, that’s it!?! Perhaps you’ve had a hard day at work and need some relaxation as you scroll your mouse over this virtual toilet roll to unroll it at a length to your heart’s content. No wasting a toilet paper roll here, it’s all virtual.

So, harness the toilet paper roll meditation opportunity and reach nirvana in your imagined toilet cubicle. One idea is to sit feeling the texture of a real toilet paper roll as you unroll the virtual one with your mouse. Who needs 4D cinema after going on this website?

Link for Toilet Paper Unrolling

cows cows cows and more cows dancing link imageCows cows cows is what you get on this site. Cows dancing in a strange fashion.

If you check out this website called for cows cows cows and more cows you can watch cows square dance, mooing in the rain or even doing the can can.

There are cows cows cows and even more cows doing the dizzy dragon dance and dancing to the spirit in the sky. You might not be on this website for long, after all if you spend more than ten minutes watching cows cows cows and tons more cows dancing you might need medical help. Either that or you might need to re-examine your social life and boredom levels.

Cows cows cows . . . dancing . . .

Cowdancer Website Link

Coffee Art Website LinkHow do you make coffee look interesting after it’s come out of the coffee machine into your coffee cup? Add some coffee art of course . . .

Ease of the lever of the coffee machine and what do you have? A cup of coffee obviously, but it will lack the personal touch. Coffee houses have been harnessing and training their staff in the practise of coffee art. This website looks at the best submitted coffee art designs around. Art In My Coffee provide coffee art pictures for you to peruse and ponder upon.

Included on the site are coffee dragon creations are teddy bears and interesting leaf designs. Give your coffee maker some personality with ideas from coffee art.

Ice cream wars in Glasgow LinkIf I told you that there was once a war between rival ice cream vans in Glasgow, would you believe me?

Check out Wikipedia to read about this real event . . .

There was a lot of violence between competing ice cream vans during the 1980s in the East End of Glasgow. There were even shotguns used to fire at the windscreens of the vans and stolen goods being sold by the vendors along the regular routes. Sounds rough.

There were deaths resulting from the ice cream van feuds and it got out of hand. Still don’t believe me? Check out the link to the write up.

Neatly organised website linkDo you get an overwhelming sense of pleasure when something is neat. So how can you define neat? Chaos can be organised.

The website Things Organized Neatly does a good job to define neat. There are neatly laid out bits of straw, pebbles and household items.

Perhaps you’d like to neaten up that tool shed or lay out your stuff in a neat and logical manner for the world to admire. This is the website that will enable you to do this bizarre ritual.

Anything that can define neat is included on this website and you can even submit a photograph of something that will define neat too. A very neat idea.

Pencil tip image for link to pencil blogThe pencil is a useful tool and might hold my fascination for a few seconds when breaking out a new pencil from it’s pack. But what if I told you that there was a whole underground pencil loving society out there?

Hard to believe right? But at Pencil Grinder’s Weblog you’ll find write ups on the latest pencils to hit the market as well as in depth pencil tests. There’s even a forum where you can argue whether 2B is better than a B pencil for drawing.

This website goes into detail and even refer to giving the pencil ‘a test drive’ before a write up and analysis is carried out. Fascinating stuff as there is a lot more to the humble pencil than meets the eye.

Beware, you will maybe get addicted to this niche cult of pencil collecting and find yourself hunting around for rare packs around the globe.

Nuclear Explosion on LondonOn this website called ‘Would I Survive A Nuke’ you can find out if you would survive a nuclear attack or not.

Just click on this link: Would I Survive A Nuke and scroll across the map to enter your location and select a target for a nuke of your choosing to strike. You can select a nuke that is of different strengths to see how you would fare in WW3. Such as a Tsar Bomba 50 megaton warhead.

I escaped with head to toe 3 degree burns when I tried it, but there was one drawback as it said I’d be dead within a day. I think I’d feel safer if I was right at the centre of a nuke strike personally. I wouldn’t like to go through all the after effects of radiation poisoning.

So, select a nuke and rain it down on your chosen target to see what your chances of survival would be. Happy thoughts 🙂

Icon for Weird NewsFancy something completely different to hearing news about football and global warming? Check out this collection of weird news stories.

Weird news and interesting bizarre discoveries from National Geographic. On this site there is a chameleon that fits on the head of a matchstick, fossilised turtles in the act of mating, a white killer whale and even rare footage of Scott’s ill fated expedition 100 years ago. Some of the weirdest factual news is here from around the world.

The zombie ants that are being controlled my mind controlling fungi are quite scary looking.

The world’s smallest from that is half the size of a coin is also on this site. There is also a cyclops shark with only one central eye and albino penguins. This collection of weird news is interesting as well as surprising.

The Church Of The Flying Spaghetti Monster is a religion based on the assumption that the world began with a giant spaghetti monster.

The Church of the Flying Spaghetti MonsterThe church of the flying spaghetti monster is a tongue in cheek look at the belief that the world came about through a giant spaghetti monster. The members of the religion are called ‘Pastafarians’ and there are members of the church globally.

Members of the church of the flying spaghetti monster are openly fond of drinking beer. The religion is documented as an actual religion. The site is built on satire but has a very good aim . . . to scrutinise negative actions from religions and cults built on ad-hoc reasoning, such as followers of cults or religions being fleeced of their money etc.

The church of the flying spaghetti monster encourages the use of the spaghetti monster for non-commercial use in T-shirt or poster printing and accepts all kinds of people with open arms into the religion.

The creators of this religion are genuinely worried about where this religion will go in the future, as this may actually become an actual belief in time. There are already a few people who actually believe that the spaghetti monster is a fact.

The site boasts a hate mail section, a flying spaghetti monster sightings area and even a church of the flying spaghetti monster store.

Click here to see the most bizarre people to have ever lived . . .

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