‘Tip & Share’ – Restaurant Tip Tracker – Written Review

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‘Tip & Share’ is the ideal way to organise your tip transactions within  a restaurant environment. After all, it’s hard to keep tabs on tips and how to fairly share them amongst your employees. Well, this app is the answer to your prayers . . .

This retina display optimised app makes it easy for your employees to log their tips in ‘Tip & Share’, so that tips can be easily shared out amongst employees at the end of the day, week or month. You can either enter the tip amount in, or as an option you can work in percentages. There are plenty of features within this straight forward app, including the ability to round amounts off and the ability to email a tip summary report to yourself or your employees. But what about tax? Well, there is a tax deduction feature in this app also. There is even a flashlight included if the staff are serving in a dark environment, so that you can get a clear view of the tip in hand.

Let’s face it . . . tips motivate staff, and tip sharing creates morale between the staff and everyone feels as if they are working as a proper team. This is perhaps more important than the actual tip itself. If you don’t keep track of tips and share them, there is a danger that your staff will just give extra attention to known tippers only. Do you have many staff members? No problem, as this app can track tips for up to 100 staff members. Let’s get real here . . .how many restaurants have you been in with over 100 staff in the branch? So this app can basically handle any sized restaurant. This app is priced at under $1, what a low price to build priceless teamwork and morale within your restaurant or service business. Get ‘Tip & Share’ for convenience and ease of use.


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