The World’s Best Browser Gets A Shot Of Nitrous

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A report was recently released by leading Internet marketing sites, with a wealth of information on the most popular browser software on the market.

It came as no surprise that the top 3 ranked web browsers include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. The overall reviews based on thousands of users reflected the following statistics: Google Chrome came in position #1 with an overall rating of 9.85. Mozilla Firefox was ranked #2, with an overall rating of 9.33. Internet Explorer came in at #3 with an overall rating of 9.08. Positions 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 include the following browsers:

  • Opera at #4 with a rating of 9.03
  • Safari at #5 with a rating of 8.70
  • Maxthon at #6 with a rating of 8.03
  • RockMelt at #7 with a rating of 7.38
  • SeaMonkey at #8 with a rating of 6.95
  • Deepnet Explorer at #9 with a rating of 6.83
  • Avant at #10 with a rating of 6.58

A host of factors was included in the evaluations of these browsers including user-friendliness, cross functional compatibility, reliability, start-up time, navigation time, tab browsing, integrated search engine options, customisation, bookmarks, RSS feed, zoom, security, help & support, anti-spyware and scores of other variables. Each of the aforementioned browsers certainly commands a sizeable following â?? especially the top 3. These account for between 80% and 90% of all users on the Internet, so the functionality of these browsers is paramount.

Enhancing Browser Performance

Most of the world’s leading browsers are fully capable of surfing the World Wide Web in search of valuable, reliable and relevant information. However, the inherent limitations in these browsers has led to the development of a unique, artificial intelligence-style software named Genieo. This user-friendly, intuitive software platform is self-aware. In other words, it is able to adapt to changing user needs and preferences, without any input required on the part of the user. Genieo is 100% free to download and install and it is also completely devoid of malware, spyware or other harmful code. The brains trust behind the development of this ground-breaking code toiled for years before finally revealing their own simple, yet highly complex software. The cross functionality inherent in this software allows users on their laptops, mobile phones, and tablets to access highly personalised web browsing at the click of a button, from the comforts of anywhere. Genieo has been making a lot of noise recently, thanks to the input of technologically minded gurus, internet aficionados and critics alike. Judging by the response from a wide swath of people around the world, Genieo delivers time and again.

How Does The Software Work?

The algorithms governing the functionality of startpage are complex. Suffice it to say, the most important aspects of this software relate to what it actually does, not how it does it. Users can enjoy a newspaper-style homepage â?? known as the startpage â?? from the moment they power up their browser. All of the information on the web that is important to you is pulled from relevant sources and displayed in one place. This makes it unnecessary for you to open up multiple tabs while browsing the Internet. The annoyance, hassle and potential for your browser to crash are drastically reduced. Think of it along the lines of everything is 100% tailored to your particular browsing preferences ‘one size fits all’ with you being the only one in the changing room. Everything is geared towards the individual user. Even if your tastes and preferences change, the software automatically latches onto the changes and retrieves information that is pertinent to your requirements. The cost savings, time savings, and convenience inherent in using Genieo are immense.

What type of information is Featured?

Remember, each user has specific needs and preferences. Some people like to enjoy news feeds from financial, sports, social media sites and the like. Others want to stay abreast of their personal engagements â?? diaries, appointments, business meetings and so forth. You may have a penchant for topical interest stories, movie show times or whatever it is that interests you. All of this is possible with a quick & easy download and installation of Genieo software. It doesn’t much matter which browser you using â?? the compatibility is guaranteed. In days of old, users typically subscribe to things like RSS feeds. But the problems with this type of information dissemination process include redundancy, manual unsubscribes and general discontent on the part of the user. Fortunately, this is no longer required as Genieoâ??s startpage instantly and automatically accesses information that meets your needs.

Brett Chatz is the CEO of BLC Writeworks Ink. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of South Africa and completed post-graduate studies at the University of Haifa.


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