The Truth Behind The Polygraph Test

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What Actually Is A Polygraph Test?

The polygraph test is a machine that aspires to offer valid evidence of whether an individual is giving deceptive answers to certain questions. The machine is attached to the individual via plastic tubing and subsequently monitors their blood pressure, perspiration, pulse rate and the biological activity of their skin. When a deceptive answer is given during the test, the machine picks up bodily responses that are different from those given when answering honestly. To obtain the basis of comparison, there is as set of pre-test questions whose answers are known to the questioner. When the individual answers honestly, their bodily reactions are recorded.  The test produces charts which are analysed by a trained specialist who can interpret the results.

In What Circumstances Are Polygraphs Used?

The polygraph machine is utilised for many purposes and gives a clear insight into the truth. Frequently, the polygraph is required to aid relationships and detect adultery. Many people who have been experiencing strong levels of suspicion about their partner feel that this method is the only true way of finding out the truth. The results can be emotionally upsetting but can also offer a sense of relief and closure to a painful situation. Once the evidence is there an individual has all the facts and is able to move on in whatever way they feel appropriate.

The polygraph is also often required to help in company disputes, and helps to solve any suggested disloyalty to a company.  It can also aid in the capturing of criminals, and has been historically utilised in this way by law enforcement agencies.  The use of the lie detector has been highlighted by recent television shows, such as The Jeremy Kyle Show, whereby the machine is utilised to assist in family and relationship issues. Many people who have used the polygraph have been extremely satisfied with how it worked, even if the results were emotionally upsetting.

The test is not painful, and the recipient will not experience any unnecessary stress. The questions that are to be asked will be collectively discussed prior to the testing and the individual will have the opportunity to make any pre-test confessions. When the results have been collected and analysed they will be immediately presented to the person who requested the test. A full report documenting these results is given to the client, who can keep this as a permanent source of evidence.


Where To Find A Polygraph Machine.

The best way to arrange the use of a polygraph test is to speak with a reputable private investigator. They will have constant access to the use of this machine, with specially trained analysts who can carry out the test and interpret the results. Private investigators are highly trained to deal with these issues and will treat each individual case with both sensitivity and privacy.  They will be able to give you invaluable advice during an initial meeting, whereby your own personal case and requirements will be discussed. The polygraph can really help in many situations, and is a fantastic way of achieving the insight needed.

Charlie Hodgson is a private investigator who has had a lot of experience dealing with polygraph testing and polygraph examiners. Working with other private detective such as Private Detective Birmingham Charlie has gained a vast knowledge and understanding of the lie detector and their use at detecting the truth. For more information and articles like this contact


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