The Truly Unbelievable Story Of Tuvalu

Have you heard about the country of Tuvalu? Their story is truly remarkable and almost unbelievable. Over the course of a few years, the nation became wealthy off the sale of the .tv domain name. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, the island itself may soon no longer exist. The story of Tuvalu is one of the most bizarre and interesting in all of Internet history: History The government of the small island of Tuvalu owns the rights to the domain extension .tv.

Many websites use this extension, especially related to video content and television-related websites online. In order to release the sale of .tv domain names, Verisign and other domain hosting companies have to lease the extension from the government of Tuvalu. In 2011, the amount earned by the government of Tuvalu equaled about 2 million dollars in fees from the lease and use of their .tv extension. The Island Nation Tuvalu is a small island with only about 10,000 residents. The island was unheard of until it started the sale of the domain extension .tv.

Once the island leased the domain extension, the country was soon able to bring in millions of dollars of profit each year. Within a few years, the government of Tuvalu became one of the most profitable in the world due to the lease of the domain extension alone. Currently, the domain extension is available until the end of 2021. The last contract for the domain name was set to expire in 2016, but Verisign and the government of Tuvalu extended the contract. Because of the high fees and profit associated with the domain name, many people and companies have invested in the .tv domain extension. Global Warming However, now there is a new problem with the island. According to weather forecasts and environmental scientists, the island of Tuvalu is slowly sinking into the ocean. This is caused by increasingly warm temperatures in the area, which are leading to the melting of ice, increased periods of heavy rainfall and droughts, and other weather conditions, which are causing the island to slowly sink into the water.

Currently, the island is only 15 feet above sea level, which means that even slight changes in the height of the island could cause significant issues. Due to the uncertainty of weather the island will actually exist in a few years, some domain hosts are advising that customers refrain from the use of the .tv domain name. Some domain name investors have also cautioned against the use of or investment in the name. However, with the new contract renewal, it seems that investors and the island itself are confident that the island will remain above sea level until at least 2021. If you are unsure about using a domain name for an island that may not exist in 50 years, then it is wise to avoid the use of the .tv domain name. Otherwise, it is extremely unlikely that the island will sink over the next few years, so using the domain name should be safe for the foreseeable future.

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