The Top Most Dangerous Insects

Insects that can be fatal to your health

Insects can be seen in every corner of the world. Even though they are tiny creatures living on the planet, it is very important for us to have a good knowledge about them because some of them can create a significant damage to our body.

This article will let you know about the top 10 most deadly insects that can be seen in this world and it will assist you a lot to stay away from them in your life.

Puss Caterpillar

Puss caterpillar can be considered as one of the most dangerous animals that can be seen in the current world. It has a body that is covered with long hair with brick red color. Even though it looks soft, it will raise all the hair when frightened. Poison glands can be seen under this hair and they will be injected to anything that touches. Therefore people should stay away from them to avoid injuries.

Human Botfly

Human botflies will look for a warm and a moist place, when they are ready to reproduce. The best place which offers all these facilities is the human body. Therefore they will tend to lay their eggs within the human body and they will take all the nutrients from the body tissues.

Brown Recluse

Brown Recluse is a spider that grows between 6 to 20 mm in length. When it bites a victim, poison will go to the blood circulation system which can create vomiting and exhaustion. However, doctors advice people to seek the medical assistance as soon as they come across a situation like this.


Scorpion can be seen in the tropical countries. They have two to five pairs of eyes on their head. Scorpions rarely bite humans, but if they bite, severe symptoms will arise. People will start to shiver and they will feel stomach aches after a bite.

Black Widow

Out of the spiders that can be seen in the world, black widow is recognized as the most fearful one. It is a medium sized spider and the female black widow spider will kill the male spider after mating. The female spider will release venom the amount will create many health hazards. But they do not have the ability to kill a person.

Deer tick

Dear ticks are in the size of a sesame seed and the victim will not notice after it bites the person. They are blood suckers and they will bite the human blood up to four days until falling.

Africanized Bee

They are a type of bees that were accidently released from a lab in Brazil. They appear just like the honey bees, but they are extremely defensive. It hurts after the biting and a large attack can even kill a person.

Assassin bug

Kissing bug got its name because of the biting habits. They normally bite the mouth and nose area of a human being while sleeping. People will have to experience severe effects after the bite including rashes, fever and vomiting.

Tsetse Fly

They are a kind of large biting flies that can be seen in Africa. They can spread deadly diseases like sleeping sickness. They are just like house flies but more dangerous than them.


Mosquitoes can be seen in every corner of the world. They are a vector agent and they carry so many deadly diseases all around the world. They are small in size but can infect diseases like dengue, yellow fever and malaria.

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  1. I may have been bitten by an Assassin bug before but I didn’t have any of those symptoms.

    Also reading up on the Africanized bees, they seem vicious! “The hybrid bees are far more aggressive than any of the various European subspecies. ||Small|| swarms of Africanized bees are capable of taking over European honey bee hives by ||invading|| the hive and establishing their own queen after ||killing|| the European queen.”

    • In Thailand they have ants that build nests in trees. I wrote an article about my experiences being attacked by them at

      There is also a bug which they call the fart bug in Thailand which is very small. When it bites you you hardly notice it, then it starts to itch, and then over a period of a few weeks a dark, very noticeable circle appears on you skin and begins to widen . . . One woman I met had a dark circle of about 2 inches in diameter. Weird insect. If you don’t get treatment the mark expands. I don’t know what the maximum size would be. It takes ages to treat.

  2. Thanks, I found it now.

    I can see why it is called the fart bug from that description 😀 So many different chemicals that are involved in the process. “When a bombardier beetle is threatened by a predator or an offensive invader of any kind, at the appropriate point of approach, the bombardier beetle swings its tail end around, and hot, noxious fluid heated to 100 °C (212 °F) is explosively released from twin combustion tubes into the face of the enemy.”

    Sounds horrible! :Sad:

    • Yeah, I wouldn’t want to mess with one if I were an ant.

      If it were humanly possible to do the same as this insect though, I’d like to try this out on cold callers knocking at the front door. Imagine their reaction after performing this little nifty move 😉

        • Yes, totally alien. Imagine evolution targeting your rear end for evolution evolvement. If I was this bug I’d be thinking . . . ‘Shouldn’t evolution be making me bigger or something? What’s going on with my butt by the way?’

          There is a Thai bug I’ve just been told about that causes it’s human victim to have a hardly noticeable red mark, then within 24 hours the wound bloats up horribly with septic puss. An operation is usually in order which usually leaves you with a scar. This bug in transliterated language from Thai to English is Maleng Ga Du.

          This is news to me, so I asked a Thai friend to research this bug for me which lives in rice paddies and forests. It will take about 4 weeks for her to get back to me, but when I find out more I’ll put the information up on this blog comment thread.

    • Maleng Ga Du sounds horrible. Can’t wait for the post on it.

      As for the tailless whip scorpion (cave spider), **SHUDDER** :Sad:

      I would faint if that thing was 5 meters away from me. If it fell on my stomach or something from a tree, I would probably just die from a heart attack and choking on air. That is a scary looking thing. The fact that it’s a pet in that video……

      • This would be a great article to put up in the future maybe . . . ‘The World’s Most Grotesque Insects’. We’ve found 2 already that are in the running I think.
        The worst experience I’ve had is when I was about 12 years old and I took a bite out of an apple, freshly picked from from the garden. After chewing away and swallowing the bite of apple I noticed half a maggot sticking out of the bite area. I had swallowed the other half . . .

        My friend Graham who I used to go night fishing with used to keep a maggot under his tongue. He said “It was to warm the maggot up before putting it on the hook”, before casting it into the bitterly cold water. I have to question how long that bit of warmth would keep the maggot squirming in very cold water though. Questionable.

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