The Real Truth About Global Warming

The Truth About Global Warming
The facts that are presented in this post about global warming climate change is so overwhelmingly supported with evidence, not just mathematically, but also with real world proof which adheres to common sense that even a hardened sceptic cannot ignore it.
So, what is the main cause of global warming climate change? In this post we are highlighting a truth that nobody hardly ever talks about and will upset some people and cause heated debates.
It is admirable that people are recycling rubbish and bringing their own bags to the supermarket, as well as maybe planting new trees in between the busy day to day working routines that almost everyone is chained to. However, beneath all of this hard work is a truth that undermines these efforts. Yes, every bit of effort makes a difference, and we may undo up to 10% of the overall damage that we have done to the environment through day to day living, such as battery powered cars and regulating your air conditioning output. Although all our efforts are minuscule when compared to the population explosion that is happening continually, even as you read this post.

The simplest way to avoid the environmental melt down that is happening on many levels is to limit the population of the world. If the world population was cut down to 25 percent, it wouldn’t matter if you had a 4 litre Mustang, or you kept your air conditioning whirring away 24 hours per day. Just think of your tree planting efforts and recycling compared to just one new human born into this world. That new life would output pollutants that would be at a rough guestimate of 50,000 times the negation of your best efforts. A global warming climate change variable that is key in causing negative effects.

So why don’t the governments of the world limit families to having only 2 children per household? Well, just think how many votes they’d lose. If they introduced extra tax for instance on extended families that want 3, 4, 5 or more children, how popular would they become? Countries that have imposed restrictions have not done so because of the environmental output, they are more concerned with the effect of over population on their economies. Let’s face it, however much we cover the fact up – greed, in the form of money will be the downfall of the human race, whether it be by nuclear war or a worldwide environmental collapse.

Human rights groups would be biting at the heels of common sense if countries with freedom of speech decided to limit families to 1 or 2 children per household. Demonstrations would pop up everywhere. The world population is now almost 7 billion and climbing, compared to only 1 billion in 1804, it is literally only about 25 years for every extra billion people to be added now, which will accelerate more and more.

So, not to appear to be having a dig at environmentally green methods and efforts, don’t get me wrong, they do have an effect and are very important. I personally recycle all plastics and rubbish myself. However, let’s get real on our efforts versus the real cause . . . over population. Unless governments across the world bury the many hatchets that divide them and families drop the human rights bill boards and accept responsibility for the damaging effect that more than 2 children per household can have on the environment, the problem will get worse and worse. Fuel shortages are beginning to appear, and on the heals of this there will be more poverty, and I’m not just talking about petrol, heating and fuel for cooking is also another consideration. That’s only the start, not to mention more animals going extinct and a global meltdown with ice shelves already collapsing.

As a skeptic, I can see that this problem will not be addressed, governments are far more concerned with their economies and being voted in by popularity, more than the long term effects and harm caused to our world by over population. Although certain country’s efforts and individual efforts to make a difference, albeit skirting around the real over population cause and problem are admirable.

So, what can we do? Carry on requesting paper bags and using unleaded petrol of course. Then, when there is an uprising, probably not in our lifetime, when the real cause comes to light, as it will, too late of course, perhaps our children’s children will rise up in mass protest to future governments to curb the population nightmare that is leading to global warming climate change.

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