‘PrivatePics V2’ – The Photo Vault – Written Review

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While it’s true that smart phones can record a wealth of different material and formats, which is often very convenient, your privacy tends to take a bit of a bashing also.

When you store images on your device, children can wipe the images off unintentionally or you could have a nosey individual checking up on you by scrolling through your images. In fact, what if you lost your iPhone/device? Would you want a complete stranger, or even worse, a thief, invading your privacy and viewing your life through your images?

You need worry no more because ‘PrivatePics V2’ locks your images into a virtual vault which is password protected. This app saves the images to a partitioned memory allocation, not shared by the rest of your device’s apps and functions. You can import images conveniently from your photo library on your device, then just delete the photo in the library and you have just one copy securely locked away, for your eyes only.

This app can help in a wide variety of situations and offers the app’s user privacy and piece of mind. It has a simple interface which is quick to grasp and you can even organise your photos or sort them into albums within the vault. PrivatePics V2 is normally priced at just under $1, a very handy app by the developer Kalana Jayatilake.


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