The Most Bizarre People Ever To Have Lived

Thai Ngoc

Thai Ngoc is a Vietnamese insomniac. He supposedly hasnâ??t slept in 33 years; since a fever in 1973. Although he hasnâ??t been experiencing any mental problems, and is in good physical shape, he did say he was beginning to feel â??like a plant without waterâ? due to lack of sleep in 2008.

Tsutomu Yamaguchi

Yamaguchi is a Japanese man who survived both the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombings. He happened to be in Hiroshima on a business trip for Mitsubishi, when the first atomic bomb fell on August 6, 1945. Although he was two miles away he only suffered from serious burns to his upper body and a perforated eardrum. Yamaguchi spent the night in an air-raid shelter with dying people, but the next day he was already on his way back to Nagasaki. After catching a train and traveling 180 miles, he was back at work 3 days after the atomic bomb went off.

At 11 AM on August 9th, he was describing the blast in Hiroshima to his boss, when once again an atomic bomb went off. This time he was uninjured from the explosion which was approximately 2 miles away. Yamaguchi did however develop a high fever since he was unable to replace his soiled bandages.

Yamaguchi died of stomach cancer on January 4, 2010 in Nagasaki at the age of 93. About 7 years more than the average life expectancy for Japan in 2010.

Ann Elizabeth Hodges

This woman is one of the most bizarre women out there. She was napping on November 30th, 1954, 2:46 PM when a grapefruit-sized meteorite crashed through her roof, bounced off a wooden radio, and smacked her straight in the hip.
Ann was 31 years old when this happened, and although her leg was badly bruised, she was able to walk. Other than a manuscript form Tortona, Italy claiming a friar was struck by a meteorite in 1677, or another case in 1992, Ann is one of a few people to have been struck by a meteorite.

The United States Air Force sent a helicopter to take the meteorite. Annâ??s husband hired a lawyer to get it back, and Hodgeâ??s landlord also tired claiming it to cover damages to the house. The meteorite was returned a year later and the Hodgesâ??s were not able to find a buyer; they ended up donating the fragment to the Alabama Museum of Natural History.

3 Undisclosed Human Cadavers

NASA sent three human bodies into space to test for landing forces in 2008. Basically mannequins arenâ??t as accurate when it comes to determining possible human injuries during landing forces. These three selfless people who donated their bodies for science ended up being fired into space, having their bodies being tested to see if their bones would break. I donâ??t know about you, but having your body flown to space and back is pretty cool!
Itâ??s hard to know whether all three of these bodies were sent to space or were used in other tests. It is likely that bodies were sent into space to test radiation levels. Back in the 1990â??s a human skull packed with radiation sensors was flown into space for the same reason.

If anyone knows what NASA actually did with the cadavers in 2008, please let us know in the comments!

Shoichi Yokoi

Yokoi was a Japanese sergeant in the Imperial Japanese Army during WWII. He was the third to last Japanese holdouts to be found hiding, 28 years after the end of hostiles in 1945.

Although he found leaflets declaring WWII had ended, he believed they were false Allied propaganda, and continued hiding in an underground jungle cave.

Yokoi was found by two local fishers on January 24, 1972 , and although he thought his life was in danger, they were able to subdue him and carry him out of the jungle. He said â??It is with much embarrassment, but I have returnedâ?, once returning to Japan; A quote that would become very popular. Yokoi received $300 in back pay, and a small pension. He died in 1997 of a heart attack at the age of 82, and was buried at Nagoya cemetery.

The second to last holdout was Hiroo Onoda. He spent 30 years holding out in the Philippines. Although he had been found, he would not leave, insisting on following his given orders. Onodaâ??s commanding officer, Major Yoshimi Taniguchi, flew to Lubang where he fulfilled the promise he made in 1944, â??Whatever happens, weâ??ll come back for you.â? The commanding officer gave Onoda his last orders on March 9, 1974, which were

  1. In accordance with the Imperial command, the Fourteenth Area Army has ceased all combat activity.
  2. In accordance with military Headquarters Command No. A-2003, the Special Squadron of Staff’s Headquarters is relieved of all military duties.
  3. Units and individuals under the command of Special Squadron are to cease military activities and operations immediately and place themselves under the command of the nearest superior officer. When no officer can be found, they are to communicate with the American or Philippine forces and follow their directives.

Onoda than turned over his sword, Arisaka Type 99 rifle (in working condition), 500 rounds of ammunition, a dagger his mother gave to him in 1944, and several hand grenades. He was later pardoned by President Ferdinand Marcos for killing people and engaging in shootouts with the police. The last Japanese holdout was Teruo Nakamura, who was arrested on 18 December, 1974. Unless there are more hidingâ?¦..

Roy Sullivan

Sullivan was one of the most unlucky people to have lived. He was struck by lightning on seven different occasions. Sullivan was struck in a fire lookout tower, inside his car, in his front yard, in a Ranger station, during another storm, and another one, and finally when he was hit in the head while fishing on a pond.

On the last occasion when he was fishing; Sullivan went to his car when a bear tried to steal his trout from his fishing line. Sullivan did the only thing anyone would do, he picked up a stick and smacked the bear away. He claims that was the twenty-second time he hit a bear with a stick in his lifetime.

All lighting strikes were documented by the superintendent of Shenandoah National Park, R. Taylor Hoskins, and were also verified by doctors. If Sullivan was as lucky with the lottery he would have won trillions of dollars.

The chances of being struck by lightning over the period of 80 years are roughly estimated as 1:10,000. The chances of being hit 7 times on different occasions would be 1:100007. These numbers donâ??t really apply to him since he is a park ranger that worked in Virginia where thunderstorms average 35-45 days a year.

Michel Lotio

Lotio doesnâ??t require much of a back story or explanation. Iâ??ll just give you these stats and you think about them.

List of items consumed

Item Count
Bicycle 18
Shopping cart 15
Television 7
Chandelier 6
Bed 2
Skis (pair) 1
Cessna aircraft 1
Coffin 1
A steel chain 400 m

He liked eating stuff; Stuff that required being cut into the smallest of pieces, and had to go down with mineral oil/tons of water. He claims his diet did not give him any problems when â??passingâ? the food.

Lotito died on June 25, 2007 at the age of 57, due to natural causes.

Mehran Karimi Nasseri

Nasseri lived in the departure lounge of Terminal One in Charles De Gaulle Airport from August 26 1988 until July 2006, when he was hospitalized. His biography has been published and the book inspired the movie The Terminal.

He was expelled from Iran in 1977 for protesting against the Shah. While en route to settling in the UK in 1988, his briefcase containing all his paper was stolen in Paris. When he arrived in London he was returned to France, where he was initially arrested by the French; but released as his entry was legal and he had no country of origin to be returned to.

During his 17-year long stay at Terminal 1, Nasseri blended right in with his luggage. He read, wrote in his diary, and studied economics. Nasseri received food and newspapers from employees of the airport.

Aritcle written by Octavian Ristea.

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  1. Imagine going without sleep for 33 years :0
    Fair play to the guy surviving 2 atomic bombs and living till 93! If I were Roy Sullivan I wouldn’t even bother going outside in a storm.
    Yeah, that would be kind of neat donating your body to be fired into space. 🙂
    I once saw a documentary on a man who had been shot multiple times in a coup de grace and survived, so they ran him through with a sword, but he still survived! So they let him go – after the trauma he went through being enough punishment in itself. I just did a search on the Internet but couldn’t find a link anywhere for this case.
    Eating a Cessna plane! How long must that have taken? Wow!
    Great collection of interesting and bizarre people there Octavian – really fun to read article! :Pleasure:

    • Yeah I know cadavers didn’t actually “live”. But, come on :Delighted:

      By Roy’s 5th or 6th storm he claimed “a cloud was following him”, and when he finally thought he out drove it, he got smacked. Lol. He also started carrying a bucket of water long before that, in case of fire. Which he used when his head finally caught on fire!

      So you would think a normal person would go back in the house rather than try to out drive a cloud in a storm! :Crazy2:

      The guy surviving 2 atomic bombs was just plain bad luck (good, depending on how you see it). About 140-160 other people are believed to have experienced both bombs, but they aren’t proven/acknowledged. In my book those are very unlucky people! Having your eardrums blown out? No thanks…

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