The Largest Spider On Earth – The Goliath Spider

Who has not seen the Award Winning movie Arachnophobia where the spiders just kind of take over this house and everything in it?

That not only frightens anyone that does not like spiders. But what really messes with most people in their minds is the fact that if they see large spiders they always tend to think that they are the ones that can do the most damage to both people and animals alike and surprisingly that is not always the case.

The Goliath spider is the largest spider that scientists know of at this point. They can reach an amazing 1 foot long with fangs an inch long. Now that is a large spider if you think about it. Could you imagine if Arachnophobia was made and they had a whole house full of these large spiders now that is something that would really mess with your mind? Which is what the movie maker Frank Marshall wanted to do in the whole movie and he did it successfully most would say.

But did you know that although the Goliath spider is the â??King of large spidersâ? when a person receives a spider bite from the Goliath it is compared to a bee sting and there are no side effects for humans. However when it comes to animals the spider bite is deadly. If you think about it although the Goliath is a spider that has bad eyesight they use the hair on their bodies and the silk from their webs to let them know that they have dinner waiting for them. Once they bite in to their prey it is an automatic neurotoxin that paralyzes and kills them that way they do not have to worry about fighting to catch their meal.

So if you are ever in the rain forests of South America and would like to see one up close and personal you can find them and you can be rest assured that a spider bite from the Goliath is not going to be deadly to any human. However the one thing that you want to keep in mind is that you are going to have to wait to nightfall before you find them as they only come out at night. By doing that you are going to more than likely catch them in the act of killing their prey such as a field mouse or a small bird, which will give you first-hand experience and show you how these magnificent creatures are considered the most deadly both in their stealthy capture and how their venom and their fangs react with the animals.

Some could actually say that they are wrongfully labeled when it comes to the most dangerous spiders on the Earth. Because if you think about it they are not that dangerous to people, in reality the only thing that they are dangerous to are animals. What do you think? So knowing now what you do about the Goliath Spider do they really scare you now?

Image courtesy of Wikipedia

 Video of the Goliath bird eating spider

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