The Greatest Family Board Games


Board games are a great way to bring the family together. If you are having a family party or gathering and are looking for some entertainment then you can’t go wrong with the following games.


This word game has been popular for generations. A great fast paced game based on creating words from a selection of letters and placing them on the board to score points. Who will create the highest word score or the best word combination. This is fun for all the family and can really get your brain working!


A game of skill and nerves, this fun board game sees you and your family pitted as a steady handed surgeon. Roll the dice to find out which body part you are chosen to remove and gently take the tweezers and try and remove it without setting off the buzzer! A game for all ages and fun for all the family.


This epic board game can go on for hours! You and your family will battle to take control of all the best properties on the board and earn the most money. You can build houses and hotels and charge your family rent every time they land on your properties. This classic game has created many special editions based on TV shows, football teams, cities and films and is till a much loved family game.


If you and your family like the attraction of the rough and tumble then Twister is the game for you. Although this is not strictly a board game it is definitely a great form of family entertainment for those playing and watching. Once you have placed the plastic mat onto the floor you then spin the wheel to see which part of your body you have to put on which colour on the mat. Can you and your family keep their balance as you stretch to reach your next target? Or will everyone come tumbling down!


Pictionary is a great way to introduce some competitive entertainment to larger family gatherings. Creating teams, you will be given an item to draw on the board. The rest of your team then have to guess what you have drawn in an allotted amount of time. Be prepared for plenty of shouting and laughter as your teams battle it out to get the highest scores!

Trivial Pursuit

This general knowledge board game can really get you and your family thinking. With categories such as sport, history, science and literature there is a subject for everyone. Can you answer the most questions and get your pieces moved around the board before the rest of your family. As well as being fun this game is definitely educational and can have even the brainiest family members scratching their heads.


This hilarious bluffing games will have your family in stitches as you think up made up answers to a series of events, people, laws and words. Can you keep a straight face as your fake answer is read out and outsmart the rest of your family? There are plenty of laughs to be had for all the family with this classic game.


You can become a super sleuth and try to solve the murder mystery with this classic board game. The object of the game is to discover who was murdered, the weapon used and the room the crime took place in by process of elimination. Can you quiz the other members of your family to solve the crime before they do?

Keeping your family entertained during family events should never be a problem with any of these classic board games. From exercising your brain, to holding a steady hand during operation or keeping your balance during twister, there is fun to be had for all the family.

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