The FIve Best iPad Financial Apps

If youâ??re someone who likes to keep their finances well organised, (or alternatively perhaps youâ??re someone who is terrible at keeping their finances well organized) then the iPad has some great apps to help you out.

In the current economic climate, most people are discovering that there has never been a more important time for them to stay on top of their finances and not miss bill payments or rack up more debts.

As such, many people are looking for financial organizers, either through computer software or apps for their iPad or iPhone. Thankfully, the iPad offers some of the best (and cheapest) options when it comes to financial planning and also represents the best way of managing finances on the fly as you can update it wherever you are and whatever you are doing. Trying to keep a paper record can be time consuming and involves saving receipts and bills to organize later. The iPad lets you do it as you go along and encourages instant financial organization. The following apps are some of the best and most respected financial apps to allow you to get your finances organized:

Mint â?? is the daddy of all financial apps, having been around for the longest time and having been tried and tested by hundreds of thousands of users. Mint is an app for tracking all your accounts on your iPad using the software at It is free to use and it organizes your accounts into all kinds of different categories and views allowing you to track your balances, how much you have been spending in a given month and what you are spending it on (categories include groceries and entertaining, travel and utilities) as well as how much you have coming in. The app sync easily and instantly across all of your ios devices and your home computer, allowing you access to your accounts wherever you are. It will also alert you when your balance gets too low or when you have any bills that are due urgently.

Easy Books â?? Easy Books is an app that you can use for organizing all of your professional (as opposed to personal) accounts for your business. It keeps track of multiple business accounts and updates all of your purchase and sales invoices, as well as keeping track of your total assets and depreciation. You can set Easy Books to update with recurring transactions on a weekly or monthly cycle and to provide you with alerts for all kinds of financial transactions including reporting on your profit and loss and your VAT. It is a free app, but after using it 120 times it will charge you a one off fee of $30.

Mortgage Calculator â?? This one does what it says on the tin. A free app, mortgage calculator is perfect for anyone currently looking for a mortgage, or thinking about re-mortgaging. It allows you to work out the difference in rates and then pin down exactly how much you would need to pay every month on different kinds of mortgage.

Xpense Tracker â?? This is the ideal app for people who are on the road a lot with their business. Xpense Tracker is designed in such a way that you can enter the details of every trip, every tank of petrol or plane ticket, every hotel and every meal out (for business) and it will organize them at the end of the month for you to include in your tax returns. It includes a mileage app to show the distance you have travelled and the amount of fuel you have used. It costs $15.

Home Budget â?? An alternative to Mint, Home Budget offers similar features, allowing you to keep track of your account balances, bills, income and expenses. It has some nice features that don’t come with Mint; for example if you input a bill for a business dinner it will automatically be transferred to your expenses column. It is compatible with numerous currencies and can issue alerts for urgent bills and payments. It also syncs across all your devices and also individual accounts can sync with a main Home account. There is a free version available as well as a mode advanced paid version.

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  1. I think I belong to those who have a hard time keeping track of finances. I’ve been looking for good apps that can really help. Thanks for sharing this list. Mint sounds great. Also I think Xpense tracker can also do the work. Gotta check those apps real soon!

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