The BIG Smartphone Conspiracy Uncovered

Theory for smartphone conspiracy

What do I mean when I present a ‘smartphone conspiracy’? It means you are being duped into focusing your attention on a red herring . . .

To me, they shouldn’t even be called ‘phones’ anymore, as it’s just one function amongst a myriad of other functions. To me, the ‘phone’ is really stealing the limelight on devices that can literally assist you in nearly everything  you do in life now, and these mini-computers can fit into your bag or pocket. The future is here, but phones are more lucrative and so are pasted on to these devices as if without a phone they would cease to exist.

Introducing the cash cow

Phones are a cash cow, especially in the West, where phones on contracts are pushed and anything else is made awkward or costly. ‘Pay as you go’ phones must really be spat on in secret by the monopolies forcing contracts onto people by cornering them with, well, no other option. Instead, they control this service with high costs as they realise they will push their luck on exposing the monopolies if they start providing the option of contract free REAL ‘Pay as you go’ services, as in actually paying for phone calls made without your card expiring on a sell by date ‘experienced by packets of crisps and loaves of bread’ and getting blasted by spam messages. If it wasn’t for this fact, I think ‘a phone’ would take more of a back seat on devices that can do so much more than just make ‘a phone call’. Just think about it . . . we’ve been able to make a phone call for many years now. But we’ve just now been able to analyse a golf swing by using a device’s gyro capabilities, can download books, maps, access the Internet, catalog songs, videos, podcasts etc. etc. etc.

Free calls already developing

What about Skype and Viber which are leading the way to free Internet calling. One day the Internet will be worldwide and free for sure unless monopolies oppress people into shelling out cash for little pockets of Wifi. The main phone producers are in bed with contract wielding phone coverage monopolies for sure in the background. It’s time to expose the red herring. It’s time to reel in the lie and showcase it to add pressure to the one last hurdle that these smart devices (a much better name I’m sure you’ll agree) will encounter before being taken seriously as to what they really are now  . . . complex and minimised computers.

Tax – not a penny invested in Internet coverage

Why aren’t taxes invested in countrywide Internet free coverage. I’m sure people worldwide would gladly shell out $1 per month than sign up to often duff Internet service providers which charge the earth sometimes. Mainly because competition divides sectors of land up into neat little,’these Internet users are ours’ sections. There is no need for this and worldwide open source coverage with the help of a very small tax charge would be all that would be needed. Internet cafes would turn into phone box type operations. Lifting a receiver and frantically stuffing coins into an already vandalised phone box instead of moving a mouse or gliding your finger over a track pad would seem laughable in the future I’m sure. Okay, an exemption for very poor countries would be in order, but would any of the big monopolies be interested in them anyway? Check out the signs on your company’s light switches . . . ‘Protect the environment, save energy, switch out the light’. Do you then see the manager driving away in a smart mini car and living in a small bungalow plastered in solar panels? No, more likely a large Audi, BMW or Mercedes and driving at full speed in the third lane. Don’t fall for all the diversions / guilt burdening hype.

Open source gladiators

So who are the real stars facing up to tech monopolies? Open source developers of course. However, they lack the financial clout to put up a real fight against these monopolies. So, what would be a real humdinger of a headache for the ‘Buy now, just xxx dollars a month for a phone that you could easily pay off in a few months and make free phone calls with a free service like Skype or Viber?’ The answer may be to be challenged by a political party promising free Internet countrywide. But is this possible? You might ask . . . of course, with the right funding and taxation to build the infrastructure of course it would be, as well as investing in better tech to ensure the most productive cover and latest innovative ideas.

Houston we have a problem . . .

What about if one of the major phone producers went AWOL in the monopoly’s gentlemans’ club and provided strings free phones, no contract required or rubbishy out of date cards. You pay for what you get . . . This would also be a kick in the teeth for the businessmen already comfortable in the ‘You must get a phone on a contract or buy a high-priced, time limited card thrown as a bone to keep you gnawing away at the scraps.’

Hackneyed saying now wearing thin

The now hackneyed and corny ‘Smartphone’ thing is wearing thin with people who are keeping one eye on the business monopolies. These are ‘smartdevices’ and deserve the appropriate respect. What’s the big deal about a phone anyhow. This is old technology being thrusted at you as if it’s new tech to blind you into paying for just one function amongst a multitude of other functionalities. Rather like the BBC thrusting tax on people who have a choice of so many other TV channels other than the BBC channel. Where is all that TV tax going anyway? If it all went back into the BBC, each program would be like Avatar reloaded lol.

What’s with the big deal about the phone anyhow?

These smart devices often have  a simple torch included. Should all torch users be charged a monopoly rent for using torches? What a ridiculous concept the ‘phone’ functionality is based upon now.  It’s almost like blackmail in some countries . . . ‘Unless you take out a contract with us for the phone bit or buy ridiculously priced phone cards you won’t get a look in on the new smartdevices available, because we are controlling production with a blanket excuse, a must have ‘phone’ . . . old technology but it still has people by the short and curlies.

Byline: Siron  Kcuhc is an enthusiastic Russian blogger who enjoys eating Marmite and Olives with red wine.


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  1. I think it’s BS how I can call any phone in the U.S. for free with Google Voice, but I can’t have a 3G plan only on my phone. For example they make you pay for cell service if you only want internet? Why is it BS? Because I know for a fact I could make all my calls using Google Voice! There’s absolutely no reason to pay for cell coverage if you only need the internet on your phone.

    Using Google Voice I can also call other countries very easily and for very cheap.

    Google Fiber is coming out soon with 100x internet connections. That means you can download 100 songs from iTunes in the times it takes you to download one now :Who-s-the-man:

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