The Best Smartphone On The Market

Have you ever wondered what the best Smartphone on the market is?

Definitely, if you plan to buy a phone, you have to choose the best one that is available or else, you get the more inferior types of phones. Smartphones are more than cellular phones that have been initially used for communication purposes.

Smartphones enable you to do virtually all stuffs that you can do in your computerâ??access the web, play music, play video, manage documents plus additional features such as taking and editing pictures, video recording and others. In addition, there are also thousands of apps that you can install in your Smartphone for added functionality. Before we look into the best Smartphone in the market, it is important to look into the various factors to make a Smartphone good enough for use.

What to Look for in a Smartphone?

Before buying any Smartphone, consider the following factors:

  • Design

The design consists of the weight, size, resolution, screen size and the quality of screen display.

  • Multimedia

Smartphones are typically a life management device because everything you need in communication, entertainment, and organization is there. The best Smartphones include at least a 5 megapixel camera with features of audio and video recording and playing, calendar, to do lists, and ability to sync with the computer for you to work on your documents.

  • Memory

A good Smartphone also has a wide memory space for you to store all your files. A Smartphone should offer choices in regard to memory depending on your use of the phone.

  • Battery life

A Smartphone also may be able to assist you throughout the day so a long battery life should be considered.

  • Call features

Definitely, the most important feature of your Smartphone is its call feature because it is the most basic function of your phone. A Smartphone should include call features such as three-way calling, loud speakers, call waiting, voice dialing and others.

  • Additional features

Aside from the basic features, additional features should also be considered such a calculator, maps and others. However, this feature is not that important because third party apps may maximize the features in your Smartphone.

Looking into these factors for a good Smartphone, the new Apple iPhone 4S is the best deal when it comes to Smartphones. The iPhone 4S has exceptional OS, best hardware and useful apps that makes it the best Smartphone available in the market. Apple has first introduced the â??what has been the best Smartphoneâ? before, which is the iPhone 3G. However, who would have thought that the company is still able to release a more perfect device, which is a lot more superior than the iPhone 3G.

Using your iPhone 4S, you can search the net using internet data cards. There are various internet data cards in the Hyderabad market that you can purchase. Using internet data cards, you enjoy surfing longer and on cheaper rates.

Based on product reviews, iPhone gets the highest rank with an average rating of 9.76/10 with only one feature that gets a lower than 10 rating.

  • Design 10/10

The design of the iPhone 4S has been one of the favorites of consumers because of its sleek and elegant design. It has a 3.5 inch touch screen similar to the iPhone 4. It has a retina display with a 326 pixels per inch, which is definitely super dense. This display features of iPhone 4S makes gaming, photos and videos in razor sharp images. The size of the screen has been a debate because competitors of iPhone 4S has started to provide wider screens, but iPhone still gets a perfect 10 rating because wider screens also tend to be more unconventional to use as a phone.

  • Multimedia 10/10

iPhone 4S has built-in iPod Touch, which has been the standard for multimedia players. The camera in iPhone 4S is as high as 8 megapixels, making it in line with the best camera phones available in the market.

  • Memory and Battery Life 8.8/10

The battery life of iPhone is also best, but the lower than perfect rating of this factor is based on the memory storage of the device. iPhone 4S include 16G, 32G and 64G options, which provides more spaces than the previous iPhones. However, there is no slot for memory card to expand the memory features of the device. Nevertheless, the iCloud app is able to fix this problem by storing your other files in your other iOS devices.

  • Call Features 10/10

The call features of iPhone are also best because of the FaceTime feature it provides.

  • Additional features 10/10

The wide variety of Apple apps that is simply the best in the market makes iPhone additional features more superior over other Smartphones. iPhone 4S also include Siri, a personal assistant that recognizes your voice.

IPhone 4S also supports Wi-Fi connectivity for web browsing. If you need faster browsing, you may switch to Tata Photon for postpaid wireless connectivity.

With the above features of iPhone 4S and many more, it becomes the best Smartphone available in the market now. Other cellular companies have started to make similar products, but Apple has just maintained to be on top because of its exemplary performance.

Amarendra, the guest author is an internet addict and gadgets lover. He enjoys surfing the web with his high speed tata poton plus device which he recently bought from SwitchToPhoton website.

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