The Best Casual Gaming Apps of 2012

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As mobile devices became more and more capable of producing high resolution graphics and running memory intensive applications, developers quickly turned their attention to mobile gaming.

Old casual, favourite games like Snake were quickly replaced by games that had better graphics, more depth and unique gameplay. Casual games became more and more popular, as users could enjoy loading up the app and having a quick game or two. However, although they do have mass appeal, casual games aren’t necessarily just for casual gamers. Even the most seasoned video game fanatics will find plenty of depth, playability and immersion from the well-designed and developed casual games available on the Android and iOS markets. 2012 has already been a successful year for best-selling casual game apps, and it is expected that there is much more to come before the year end.

Flick Kick Football Kickoff

Euro 2012 fever made Flick Kick Football Kickoff a surprising smash-hit when it was re-released early in the summer as a free download. Mimicking the style of 1960s football and taking inspiration from Subbuteo, players must score points by flicking their fingers across the screen to aim at the goal. It’s a simple premise and, unlike other football games, it appealed to a much wider market as it incorporated the popularity of physics games. Flick Kick has had over 500,000 downloads on the Android market and although it is free, users can make in-app purchases for new teams.

Angry Birds Space

The Godfather of casual gaming, the Angry Birds behemoth released its latest instalment in 2012 which saw the popular characters go into space. The series obviously still has a very active fanbase, as the app boasts over 10 million downloads on the Android market. Even though many other games have mimicked its gameplay since its first release, Angry Birds still stands out as one of the premium physics games on the market, and its enduring simplicity appeals to all users.

Song Pop

Like Draw Something, Song Pop has invigorated multiplayer casual gaming. The song quiz pits two players against each other as they must guess what song is playing in the quickest time possible. Song Pop has had over 1 million downloads on the Android store and, although free, users can buy coins from the in-game store to spend on new song packs. Although the app is designed for competitive play, users can play at their own convenience and can take their turn whenever they feel like it (although the other player can cancel the game if they are taking too long). With a wide variety of popular songs and many genres to choose from, players don’t have to be music experts to find something to enjoy from this best-selling game.

Super Stickman Golf

Fun and challenging, Super Stickman Golf is another casual game that mixes the mass appeal of physics and puzzle games with sports. Player’s must swipe the screen with a careful touch to choose the right trajectory for the winning hole. With unique presentation and wacky levels, Super Stickman is much more than a normal golf game. Players can load up the app to play a few quick games, but they may be sucked in by the addictiveness of the gameplay. The game has been released for more than a year, but its popularity has gradually increased and it now sits with the top games on the gaming charts.

Where’s My Water?

This Disney game has been a surprising smash-hit for both the Android and iOS market. Players must guide, bounce and divert water across tricky levels to clean plates at the end. A physics puzzler with over 300 levels full of obstacles and difficult paths, many thought that this was a game designed by children. However, it has shown enduring appeal to all gamers as it currently boasts over 10 million downloads. Even in a crowded app market full of other puzzle and physics games, the slick design and unique gameplay of Where’s My Water sets it apart from other titles.

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  1. Mobile gaming is just getting better day by day and interesting article i must say. All the games that are mentioned here are surely the most popular ones this year. I don’t have all them in my mobile but soon i will.Thanks! 🙂

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