The 5 Worst Cars Ever Made

Worst Cars Ever

One of the hottest competitions in the motor industry does not take into account excellent handling, amazing reliability or a great drive train. It does however look into a mixture of the most lacklustre attempts at all of these and more items in cars.

The worst car of all time, itâ??s a statement used commonly for poor cars. But, what really is the worst car of all time? So, letâ??s see what cars really kick up a stink and can really claim the title dishonourably.

Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Diesel

The Cutlass was one of the bestselling petrol cars of the 1970s, unfortunately, GM decided to add diesel in 1979. The 4.2 litre diesel engine was the first attempt by GM to use the fuel and ended up as a disaster. The underpowered GM auto blew up and broke down repeatedly and is seen as one of the pivotal factors Americanâ??s never used diesel cars. Quite an accomplishment considering it was only sold for one year.


This was Communism at its very worst and a possible additional cause of McCarthyism. The East German built two cylinders, two stroke auto was supposedly the Eastâ??s answer to the VW Beetle. It wasnâ??t. One of the issues being it was a bad car to begin with in 1956 but never changed throughout the following decades â?? making it an even worse car by the end.

Saturn Ion

Though it initially was seen as a hopeful also ran, the refresh of the Saturn Ion by GM in 2003 killed it. Many motor critics decided it was the worst car ever driven. Though built in 2003, it was uncomfortable, noisy and had a terrible interior. It also had very lacklustre build quality and to make matters worse had to compete with the excellent Civic and Toyota Corolla. The company shut down in 2009, mainly down to the fact it couldnâ??t compete with the Japanese auto market. Do not buy or take car leasing on any of these cars.


A common car on the worst car ever lists; the 1987 Yugo was a terrible car in each and every way and was based on the thoroughly outdated Fiat 127. It was worse that you would actually expect a Serb version of a Fiat 127 to be.

Pontiac Aztek

The Pontiac Aztek is the worst car of the 21st century and also ever. This was the car that destroyed Pontiac. This car killed one of the longest established auto brands in the world in one foul sweep. It was possibly one of the ugliest cars every made, though to put things in perspective, its styling was considered its best feature.

Cormac Reynolds writes for First Vehicle Leasing a UK car leasing company that does not lease any of the above cars.

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