The 3 Best Free Anti-Virus Programs in 2013

Best free anti virus programs

If you currently own a computer that is running the Windows operating system, it is extremely important to protect your computer with an anti-virus program.

Anti-virus programs keep all of your information protected from hackers, and they ensure that your computer will continue to run smoothly. There is nothing that ruins a computer more than obtaining a virus. While most anti-virus programs require a yearly subscription fee, there are three great anti-virus programs that provide your computer that same great protection for free.

AVG Anti-virus

When it comes to free anti-virus programs, it does not get any better than AVG. Not only will the AVG anti-virus program protect you from viruses, but it will also eliminate any chance of getting spyware on your computer. AVG automatically scans every email and website you access on your computer for potential threats. If there is any possible threat, then the program will immediately remove the threat. One of the best features of the AVG anti-virus program are the automatic updates. The program constantly updates its protection to make sure you do not get damaged by a newly created virus. AVG has been around in the United States since 1998, and the company currently protects over 100 million computers with their anti-virus program.

Avast Anti-virus

If you are looking for an anti-virus program with a rich history, then you may want to go with Avast. Avast has been creating high quality free anti-virus programs since 1988. They also claim that their programs have been installed on more computers than any other anti-virus company in existence. The Avast anti-virus is so thorough that it will even check your instant messages for possible viruses. While instant messaging is not usually how most viruses are delivered, it is nice to know you have the protection. The biggest feature that sets Avast apart from all of the other free anti-virus programs is their search engine, which they claim can find viruses that are undetectable by any other anti-virus program.

Panda Cloud Anti-virus

The Panda Cloud anti-virus program will offer your computer the exact same protection as the previous two programs on this list, but it has one unique feature that you will not find on almost every anti-virus program currently available. You will never have to download Panda Cloud anti-virus on your computer because the program works exclusively through the cloud. Panda Cloud scans all of your files on a secure server instead of directly on your computer. Anti-virus programs can drastically slow down your computer when they are running scans, but this will never happen with Panda Cloud. Panda Cloud was only created in 2009, but it has quickly gained notoriety and great reviews.

There are hundreds of free anti-virus programs available today, but you will not find one that is any better than the three on this list. They each provide a protection level that can not be matched and a unique feature that you can not find on any other program. You can not go wrong with any of these programs, and they will all make your computer run great for many years to come.

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