The 1980s Milton Bradley Vectrex Arcade System Console

Vectrex Gaming Console

Letâ??s step back in time today as I share my memories of the Vectrex 1980s gaming console.

Back when I was a kid this was the height of technology and entertained my friends and me for hours on end.  The Vectrex was a vector display-based video game console that came out in 1982 and is now fast approaching its 30th Birthday â?? which makes it just a little bit younger than me!

Milton Bradley Vectrex Console

Unlike many other first generation consoles in the early 1980s this one didnâ??t connect up to the TV.  Instead it came with an integrated monitor, and my main recollection was the black and white screen.  If you wanted to add some color then you had to place the additional plastic screen cards over the display â?? which then gave the game you were playing a different color hue.

Vectrex Arcade System â?? Available Games

I donâ??t think they were loads of games available, but the ones I had included Minestorm. This involved rotating what looked like a jet airplane and blasting asteroid rock type things.  The Vectrex games always came on a clunky cartridge which was inserted into the right hand side of the Vectrex.  If you search on the WikiPedia website then you can find a list of the available original Vectrex games… here are just some of the better ones, do you remember playing any of these classics?

  • 3D Crazy Coaster
  • Armor Attack
  • Heads Up
  • Mine Storm
  • Solar Quest
  • Space Wars
  • Web Warp
Vectrex Minestorm

Classic Game Room Video Review of the Vectrex Console

If you want some more comprehensive detail on the Vectrex then search online for the Classic Game Room website â?? they have a superb online video review of the Vectrex 1980s Arcade System which is also available on Youtube.  Check the video out on there for a real nostalgic trip down memory lane.

Download Vectrex Emulator for Windows and PC

If you no longer own your 1980s Vectrex and fancy an even bigger trip down memory lane then you will be happy to hear that itâ??s actually possible to download a Vectrex emulator for your PC.  The download is available from and the author is continually making updates and additions to it.  Definitely worth a try for any classic gamers out there or perhaps just someone who wants to experience some vintage 1980s arcade game play!

Buy a Classic Vectrex Gaming Console

Believe it or not you can actually still pick up a classic vintage Vectrex home arcade system to buy on Amazon.  To check out how much they currently cost and purchase options then head on over to Amazon for their vintage Vectrex listings.  Prices start at $150 US Dollars which I donâ??t think it too bad a price!

More Information on the MB Vectrex

For more information on the classic vintage Vectrex home arcade system then you might want to check out the excellent Vectrex Museum website.  It contains history, news, screenshots, and much more dedicated to the Vectrex gaming console â?? plus includes links on where you can buy the old systems, games, parts, and accessories.  All of the links and resources I have named in this article are easily found on Google.

Author Bio: James Caddy is a technology blogger in his 30s who typically reviews GPS products and the industry related to navigation companies â?? he still loves his gaming though when not contributing to GPS Bites.

Video Demonstration of the MB Vetrex

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  1. My sister, brother and I got this for Christmas 1982! I was twelve back then and this was the best gift we had ever gotten. Of course we were expecting an Atari, but once we started playing this we were hooked! Even our mom would play it for hours on those cold winter days in the mountains of Southern California. lol To this day I have not met anyone who ever had one of these. My husband and his sister had an Atari, but he said he remembers the Vectrex. I sure wish I knew what happened to it. The two games I recall playing the most were Clean Sweep and Mind Storm.

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