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Using this application you can create a clip or â??storyâ? with your Instagram pictures. You can even add custom music, text, and effects.

When you first open the app you can either view other peopleâ??s stories or sign in with your Instagram account to create your own. To create your story you select multiple photos from your Instagram account. From there you can add a song to the entire clip, custom text for each image, title pages, and transition effects.

In the effects tab you have the choice to play your images at a slow, medium or fast speed. There are also four transition effects. When it comes to the music for your clip, you have unlimited choices. You can select songs from handpicked playlists or use any song from YouTube.

Adding text to each photo is simple as well. You can add text at the top, you can add a subtitle, or you can add a title. You can even tag your story with hashtags.

Before submitting your story you can preview it. Once youâ??re sure everything is perfect you can save the story to your Instastory stories, mail the clip, share it on Facebook, or tweet it.

When it comes to exploring other stories there are also a lot of features. You can search for stories through hashtags, like stories, and even follow users.

Mission Accomplished

My InstaStory takes a new spin on creating social media. The clips that you can create with My Instastory are actually really captivating and fun to watch.

All the clips created with My Instastory have a signature film count down as well; which adds to the kickass factor of the clips you create.

Room to improve

You canâ??t scroll through clips. If youâ??d like to re-watch a clip you have to start from the beginning.   Also the U.I. could be a bit more refined.


If you enjoy creating social media or taking Instagram photos then you should consider trying My InstaStory. Itâ??s easy to have fun creating clips and sharing them with your friends. The app is also creative and brings new ideas to the table.

Whereas everyone is adding filters to photos, as they’ve been doing for years, you can be the one telling awesome stories with My InstaStory.

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