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In this educational game, children can play exploration mode, sound quiz, and association quiz to learn amore about animals. The exploration mode lets the user tap on any animal to hear the sound it makes, whereas the sound quiz works in reverse. Although the sound quiz mode is called “quiz” children aren’t actually punished for getting anything wrong, and there’s no tally held against them.

In association mode an animal is related to a characteristic item or part, which has to be tapped on.

Mission Accomplished

This game has very great graphics and a simple to use interface

Room to improve

Tappy Animals is very expensive for what it does. This app’s description includes “15 cute animals,” “50+ unique animal images,” “60+ unique association images,” and “50+ different animal sounds.” The question, however, is what is left after subtracting all of the cats, dogs, and elephants from this “features” list? For children, I believe just about nothing is left with this $4 app.

After all, do parents really need to purchase a $4 app for their kids to hear what sound an elephant makes, or for them to learn that dogs are associated with fire hydrants? They could just turn on the Discovery channel after all, and even that will be more beneficial and valuable.


Skip over this app in your search for educational games for children because it is not valuable at all.

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Creative game idea
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