Sid Meier’s Pirates!

This review is for Sid Meier’s Pirates, available on the iPad for $4.99. In the game your family falls into debt and is taken into slavery. You must take to the high seas and rescue your family whilst battling with various ships and plundering ports.

There are treasure maps in the game for treasure hunting, as well as many different ships available to plunder and steal. You can upgrade your ship and recruit crew members. In the game you must keep your crew happy or else they will start to plan a mutiny. There are special objects to acquire that upgrade your charm and wit, as well as your duelling skills. You can also charm the governor’s daughter in ports as well as dancing with her. In the end you choose a wife and retire as either a rich or poor landlubber, depending on how well your career as a pirate fairs. The game has cut scenes with impressive graphics as well as main missions and optional side missions. This game has been chosen for the featured section as it provides hours of game play and is replayable. Excellent value for money. I have played it twice all the way through and will no doubt be playing it again.

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