Just for fun, this is a review of an app that slides sliders and will truly amaze and confuse your friends. Perhaps even more so than the latest 3D top grossing apps out there. Why? Because they’ll be rolling about laughing and won’t be able to resist having a go.

This game is so simple that if you don’t get how to play the game, then professional help needs to be sought. You simply slide the sliders across as fast as you can. Yep, that’s it.

This review is sure to make you chuckle, but also sure to make your eyes widen when I tell you that this has been a top 100 app in more than 25 countries?!

Sometimes simplicity and fun win over other more involved apps out there. I think that part of its appeal will be that it is an attention grabber for sure. Imagine sitting near friends and frantically swiping your iPhone like a crazed nutter. People are bound to look over with concern and be bemused by your odd behaviour.

You can choose from different slider slides options such as from right to left or left to right and you can even upgrade to gold sliders with the in-app purchase option. Friends will think you have definitely lost the plot purchasing gold sliders, so it would be worth the $1 just to see their reactions.

There are also different game modes such as ‘Doubles’ or ‘Achievements’ modes.

Fair play to the developer who put this addictive app together. The developer has made use of the iPhone’s slider button slides capabilities and produced a game that is a hit and a classic.

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