iStunt 2 – Snowboard

Tilt your device to perform neat snowboarding tricks in this snowboarding multi-level gem of a game

This free iPhone app by – the same developers who brought out the awesome app ‘Gravity Guy’, is a game with crisp graphics and addictive gameplay. You can tell by the amount of 5 star reviews from downloads of the game that you are in for something special, the moment you set your eyes on this snowboarding game in the App Store.

The game mechanics are driven by tilt to play control actions, using the device’s gyro to affect your character’s movements. There are 88 levels in total with a promise from the developer to add more and more. This app is game centre enabled and has a very clear launch interface in the form of wooden signposts. You can either buy free coins, earn them from recommending the game on Facebook etc., or just get down to earning the coins through developing your skills and earning rewards throughout the game. On the main screen you can visit the store to spend your hard-earned in-game coins, where you can buy different snowboards for snowboarding or even modify your character.

The game is interactive, even in the options menu, where tilting your device will swing signs, ski lifts or pan the background around. I think that when the developer spends the time to add a little bit of magic to the main screens without cluttering them it makes a big difference – making the game stand out more and look more professional. You can select different level sets, such as the ‘Insane Hills’ levels. The in-game instructions are very thorough and clear. The main objective is to reach the next checkpoint at the end of each level. To select a tuition module you can click on one of the tuition ski lifts to learn the controls and tasks required before you jump into playing the game fully.

You gain more points for perfect landings and crazy tricks. You have to collect stars as you go snowboarding around. You can crouch down beneath tunnels and low hanging hazards. If you crash in the game before reaching the checkpoint flags, the game will respawn you. You can be awarded bronze, silver or gold cups depending on your performance on that particular level. There is also a ‘Stunt Mode’ and a ‘Time Trial Mode’. There are around 25 levels per stage. The initial stage in a total of 4 stages is free and unlocked; however, if you wish to unlock the rest of the levels it will currently cost you $7.99, which is a little bit pricy. Maybe this price will come down slightly in time hopefully. Although if you love this game it will be worth the purchase.

There is a unique feel to this game and is free and fun!

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