Men In Black 3

Let’s face it, most games based on a movie are rushed to coincide with the release of the movie and end up being rubbish. However, this is not the case with the universal free app – MIB 3. Gameloft have been responsible for the game’s production and in their usual style have created an engaging app. Although this review is on an iPhone, this is a universal app for the iPad also.

There are many aliens inspired by the MIB world from the movie in the game. You can explore New York and fight aliens in such locations as Brooklyn or even New York. The game uses two different times, as in the movie – 1969 and 2012.
What is MIB 3’s secret to being so popular already? The answer is the quality of the app and the fact that it has been outsourced to a big development company.
This game has a Sim City feel to it which is good news for people who like building structures in games. You can build up a control centre to achieve weapons upgrades for example. You can even train agents so that they better perform on their assigned missions. There are many gadgets to acquire in game, such as the Noisy Cricket or the Neuralyzer.
Alone you must run the agency and build your team, but there is in game help as you play. The object of the game is to defeat ‘Radiant’ from creating chaos on Earth.
It’s nice to see a game where the movie makers have obviously given the rights to a proven developer for the game, instead of contracting out a developer on a time limit and budget. A nice move by the producers of MIB. What is MIB 3’s draw is that there are so many different features in the game primarily.

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  1. I loved all of the men and black movies and its great to see that it has become an app. It just makes me woner though how many apps are there that attempt to imitate the movie. Just a random question have you ever considered designing an ipad app because i have always been told to design and app and make millions is their much reality to this statement.

    • iPad apps are fun to make, but I’d recommend designing iPad apps just purely for fun. The market is flooded now, so the chances of an app making millions is pretty slim unless it is a 3D knock out app designed by a large team or designers. Having said that, simple apps sometimes take off. Having a larger screen to place graphics is a big advantage over developing for the iPhone. However, I would say why not develop for both? If you are using XCode you can choose to develop for either or both.

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