Space Beats Saga

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In this game you guide a spaceship left and right to insure that it doesn’t hit the sides of the level, or the incoming platforms. The control mechanism is powered by tapping anywhere on the screen to change directions.

So when you first start out for example, the ship begins to fly straight. Tapping anywhere on the screen will guide the ship to the left. If you don’t tap the screen again, it will hit the side of the level and the game will end.

As you progress through levels you gain points. Flying through powerups gains even more points.

Mission Accomplished

This game has four difficulty modes which can be unlocked by earning enough points (by getting farther in the game) in the easy modes.

The Good

The graphics and soundtrack are really impressive.

Room to improve

While some may be able to enjoy the game, as some of the reviews on iTunes indicate, others as myself do not like the control mechanism at all. I for one think that it’s confusing that no matter where you tap on the screen, the spaceship just changes directions. This isn’t to say I don’t like challenging games.

I’ve unlocked Super Hexagonest in the game “Super Hexagon” for example with no frustration. In Super Hexagon, tapping on the left moved the main object left, and tapping on the right side moved it to the right. This game doesn’t work like that, and that’s why it frustrates me. I would expect at least the option to pick from another control mechanism.

Also every few times that you begin the level again, you have to watch a video advertisement. Ads can be removed with an in-app purchase of course.


If you like games like Resogun (on PS4) or arcade games, then giving this game a try is worth a shot. However, I wouldn’t personally recommend it.

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