Some Tips For Keeping Your iPhone Safe

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iPhones are highly expensive and incredibly useful pieces of kit and it doesn’t take you long owning one before it becomes almost like an extension of yourself and something that you probably couldn’t live without. It has all your pictures on it, all your games, all your contacts, all your messages… and generally it is a device you become completely dependent on.

And it’s for that reason that it’s so distressing when it gets shattered and you pull it out your pocket to see a huge crack across the screen. As you carry it with you everywhere it’s all too easy for this to happen, but with the right precautions it can be avoided. Here will look at how to avoid damaging your iPhone with a few tips to keep it safe and sound.

Choose its Home Wisely

If you are currently just sticking your iPhone in your pocket and going about your business then this might be a bit of a mistake. The problem is that it’s very easy for your pocket to come into contact with a sharp edge of a table or for things to fall out of it. If you carry a bag then that is a much better home for it. However failing this, you should look into coats with inside pockets and zips, and you should always face the screen in towards your body. Oh and don’t put your phone in the same compartment or pocket as a set of keys.


There are plenty of apps available for iPhone that can help you to avoid theft and the best of these let you track your iPhone using the GPS if it gets lost or stolen. Look into the options available to you and consider installing something that should present a good investment.


You should also invest in physical protection for your iPhone and that means buying both a case and a screen protector. Screen protectors will protect your iPhone from little chips and scratches, while a case will mean it’s a lot less serious if you drop your phone. Unfortunately these both will damage the look and appeal of your phone and make it much bulkier, but at the same time this is much more attractive still than an iPhone with a cracked screen or riddled in dents.

Leave it At Home

Sometimes though it’s just better to leave your iPhone at home. Going to a concert? Then you really won’t need your iPhone and if there’s going to be crowds, dancing, or moshing, then really it’s just not smart to have an iPhone with you in your pocket. Instead have a standby phone you can put your SIM card in and take a cheap digital camera. It might pain you to be away from your beloved device, but at the same time it will save you the heartache of having to bury it and allow you to concentrate on enjoying yourself rather than worrying about your expensive bit of kit.

Robbie Crowe likes writting about technology and iPhone. He has also written a tutorial on how to jailbreak iphone 4 in 5 minutes.

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