SAP And The Public Sector? Here’s How They Work Together…

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When it comes to SAP for the public sector, what you need to know is SAP has an unmatched record for helping organizations large and small, public and private, to meet their organizational goals and fulfill the needs of their stakeholders in an effective, equitable and integrated array of community and social services.

Balanced budgets, optimal public services, better laws and improved community services through dynamic empowerment of your community’s citizens are all potential benefits of implementing SAP for the public sector. What you need to know, also, is that SAP software is designed with government agencies in mind and widely implemented around the globe. SAP’s solution can help your public sector organization to meet its service mandates and improve the quality of life of the citizens it serves.

How SAP Can Benefit Your Department

With SAP, you can:

  • Align your budgets with your plans
  • Get a unique and complete view of your organization’s activities
  • Extract meaning from massive data spread across disparate sources
  • Facilitate citizen participation and agency collaboration.

You can maximize return on your software implementation investment by using SAP for the public sector. SAP can offer your organization vast experience in solving similar problems for similar organizations. This experience draws on a deep understanding of the goals and challenges faced by government agencies around the world, and is based on thousands of software implementations in a wide variety of ecosystems, platforms and environments.

Overcoming Integration Hurdles

If you think your integration needs are unique or that the obstacles to your success are too intimidating, talk to one of our SAP engineers about what SAP can do in your workplace to help your organization succeed in the services it offers clients, vendors, employees and other stakeholders.

SAP’s software solutions provide support for your organization’s core mission to provide comprehensive analytics capabilities and improved citizen interaction through multiple service channels.  This facilitates better government and customer service, with faster resolution of citizen issues and improved tracking of service activities.

Improved operational efficiency through performance analytics, and intelligent monitoring and control of fiscal activities can allow you to reduce operating costs and improve the collection and management of organizational revenues. Better revenue management can only lead to improved financials. A brighter financial picture could potentially lead to happy stakeholders who have the resources they need to carry out their service mandates.

Put to work the lessons learned from the many solution implementations that use SAP for the public sector. SAP’s software solution is a proven framework for achieving and documenting regulatory compliance and adherence to best practices and industry standards. Rigorous application security built into the solution framework allows secure and role-based data exchange across disparate platforms and technologies between you and your vendors, clients, employees and other stakeholders.

You may want to add something about SAP GM (Grants Management) its how states/cities/public works deal with accounting for money earmarked for certain projects.

This article is by Craig Shaneck, Director of Sales and Marketing at GROM, an SAP solutions provider, which he’s been a part of since 1998.  He writes and publishes new articles regularly on the GROM blog.


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