Run Juan Run for iOS by Amir Kaner

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Run Juan Run is a free concentration game. It was developed by Amir Kaner and is available on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


In this game you have to help Juan run in the running mode, or you have to help him do pushups in the pushups mode. To keep run exercising the player will have to press a button every time it turns green.

In the pushups mode the green button is pressed once for Juan to go down, and once to go up. There’s only one button in the pushup mode, while the running mode has two red buttons which alternate to a green color when they’re ready to be pressed.

If the green button isn’t pressed within a timely manner, then Juan will fail. Also, if a red button is pressed at any time, Juan will also fail. At the end of the game the player will be able to see their score.

This game is quite addictive and it also has a good range of power ups which make the game easier. These powers ups can be purchased individually for $0.99, or all five power ups can be purchased for $3.99. These power ups (they’re referred to as features in the game) can be tried out for free for the first couple of runs.

This game would be much more fun if friends could be challenged to beating your score, or if you could player multiplayer mode online and locally.


If you like games in which you play for as long as you can to beat your previous record, or a friend’s record, then you’re likely going to enjoy Run Juan Run. This game is challenging, addicting, and fun. Most of all, it’s free and ready to download right away.

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