Paradise Island

This review is for the HD version on the iPad, however, this app is available on the iPhone under the name ‘Paradise Island: Exotic’ also. The object of the game is to build up a resort on an island.

You collect money from each of the buildings that you build to buy other structures. There are different achievement levels in the game. To reach a new achievement level you have to gain experience points. In this game I’m currently at about level 23 which has taken me about 5 months.

The game is relaxing and not stressful, so it’s great for just chilling out and slowly building the island bit by bit. The developers regularly update this app with new features and special offers. The game keeps on running even when you quit the game, so that the next morning you have a stack of virtual money to collect. There are many awards to achieve in the game, such as a certain amount of buildings that you need to upgrade or how many road sections you build etc. Best of all it’s free!

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  1. This was a very addictive game. I was playing it now stop. Over a Christmas break I was playing 24/7 and got the complete christmas collection, without purchasing any part of it. Then all of a sudden, I’m denied social access and any new items or anything else they offer. The reason was cheating. Said I was changing date and time. Well for one I don’t need to do this my phone automaticly does this for me. Even when I drive to Chicago my phone changes the minutes for some reason and I’m only two hours away. I hate to see what they do to people that travel more then I do since I don’t usually leave my area until summer when I travel to visit family.

    I did enjoy this game would have gave it top rating until this happened now I will have to give it a poor rating. If I was cheating would be a different story, but I was not! So if you enjoy this game go ahead and play and hope when you get so far in game or play so much you get the item without haveing to purchase it. They don’t take it all away.
    I’ve never posted reviews before, but they have made me so mad after playing this game so long even when shopping I would stop and see if my 25 energy was back and use it right away let it restock and do the same thing. My family was thinking I needed to see a doctor. Well now I’m going to try to post this where ever I see reviews for this game!
    I hope they all post it for me.


    • Thanks for the heads up and I don’t blame you for being mad at this happening. It’s not fair and you have to be careful with these types of games as they can get addictive and empty someone’s bank account easily. If you notice, the add-ons/extra purchases in this game are set at a really high price. These games target people in the hope that they get so addicted that they just don’t care about the high price anymore.
      I personally hate in-app purchases and advertising and if it’s free, I think – make it free for real. Advertising a game that is ‘free’ but gently forces you to pay to be able to make the most out of the functionality of the game is just underhanded to me. Yes, developers will say ‘Well, we’ve got to make money’ and I agree, fine, but put apps up at a fair one-time price and developers and gamers both win in the end, then everyone’s happy.
      App market places which want to provide quality apps should ban ads and in-app purchases and then that particular app market place would stand out as being a quality app market place and would stand above all other stores.
      Have you ever bought an electrical appliance, got home, un-boxed it and it says ‘Batteries not supplied’? That’s the feeling I get when I have to purchase in-app purchases to be able to play a game fully. If I have to do this, I may as well go out and buy an XBox game or a PC game instead, with better graphics and on a bigger screen, as well as having the complete game.
      Good comment Scrapper and good luck with your eye-opening campaign.

  2. “I personally hate in-app purchases and advertising and if itâ??s free, I think â?? make it free for real. ”

    I totally agree with this Kevin. Advertisements are ok for “free” apps as long as they aren’t intrusive. As long as there is a paid option to get rid of the ads.

    Developers have to make money some way. But in-app purchases are just stupid. Whatever happened to buying a game like Skyrim, Tony Hawk, Halo, or GTA and playing the hell out of it unlimited?

    However I’ve just had a change of heart in my opinion. If people are dumb enough to waste money on in app purchases, or using apps that are saturated with ads, then more power to the developers.

    I don’t like games with in app purchases so I don’t play them. I think that’s the best way to go 🙂

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