Rooted Your Android? Then Here’s 10 Apps You Need To Install Right Now…

If you have rooted your new Android, you know that you have just opened yourself up to a whole world of options as far as your phone goes.

The default settings that are unchangeable without rooting are very restrictive and force you to conform to your carrier’s applications and features rather than the ones that would most benefit you.

Though you can download some features, you can alter neither the carrier-specific apps nor the general setup of the Android. Rooting enables you to have virtually complete control over your phone and its features. You can basically customize your device in almost any way that you would want to. You can delete any of the default applications that you would not have control over otherwise, and you have access to several apps that are off-limits to those who conform to the carrier’s guidelines.

For all of these reasons, many people have rooted their phones; in fact, many owners of rooted Androids have benefited so much from the rooting process that they do not understand how anyone could opt not to do this. The following is a list of 10 great apps that are accessible only to those with rooted phones, and which you should definitely download as soon as possible.

10 Great Apps for Rooted Android Phones

1. Superuser or Titanium Play

One of these is among the first app you should install after rooting your phone, if not the very first. Even though rooting your Android gives you many options, even the rooted phone will be very limited if apps that you install are without root access. Superuser will automatically set up your phone so that every time you try to install a new app, you will have to grant permission to establish root privileges. When the app has root privileges, you will be get everything out of it that you possibly can.

Another option is Titanium Play, a fantastic Google Play app that can give you full access to every single one of the apps on your phone. With this complete and total access, you can uninstall whatever you want to on your Android, and you can also add any feature that you wish to add. These apps are possibly the cornerstone of all your apps; whichever one you choose, it will make all the other apps and added freedom possible.

2. Titanium Backup

Have you ever worked for hours on a project, only to lose all your hard work and effort when the system crashed and all your data was lost? With Titanium Backup, you can avoid this ever happening again. Your phone has some of the most important data in your life. It has the contact information for people with whom you need to keep in touch, as well as pictures that cannot be replicated.

You may even have important files stored on your phone. Although Android smartphones are high quality, they are like any other electronic device in that they are susceptible to crashing or failure. With the Titanium Backup app, you can set automatic backup options for your rooted Android.

Even if you unintentionally mess up your phone, this app will allow you to retrieve all of your data with just a few simple steps. It happens to the best of us, but even if it happens to you, it does not have to produce disastrous consequences. Titanium Backup can ensure that your losses are absolutely minimal.

3. Adfree 

Whenever you are trying to get something done, whether on a computer or a smartphone, it can be extremely irritating when advertisements keep popping up and interrupting what you are trying to do. In addition, it can make your device more susceptible to viruses that originate from malware and other undesirable sources in any electronic device. Adfree is a very helpful app that can ensure that you will not have to deal with these annoying ads on your phone ever again.

While other apps that block advertisements tend to perform scans of each app and website for ads, which actually slows down your phone quite a bit, Adfree very simply blocks the IP addresses of advertising agencies that have invaded your phone in the past. With this app, you can freely use your phone without having to deal with those pesky ads ruining the entire experience. You can use all your apps, use your Internet browser, or store important data without fear of impediment.

4. Wireless Tether

One of the most popular apps is Wireless Tether. With this feature, you can make your phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot. Basically, you can access the Internet from your phone no matter where you are. You could do this without rooting your phone, but then you would most likely have to pay your carrier an extra ten to twenty dollars per month.

The Wireless Tether app makes it possible for you to create your own wireless network for free, so you can access the Internet even in remote areas there is no wireless network. You can even access your desktop, laptop, or tablet from your phone without incurring extra charges with your carrier, making this app very convenient for work or any other purpose.

Although carriers are starting to crack down on the use of this app, as long as you bought your phone before January 26, 2013, you should not have to worry about having to stop using and enjoying it anytime soon.

5. Set CPU

Set CPU is a Google Play app that allows you to customize the rate of battery consumption on your phone. This app enables both overclocking and underclocking. You can use the app to reset the speed of battery usage as your specific needs change. For example, if you are frustrated with the fact that your phone cannot last a full work day without running out of power, you can use underclocking; you can slow it down to save battery life.

On the other hand, if you feel your phone is too slow, you can use overclocking to speed it up. Just be sure not to overdo it – overclocking, when done excessively, can cause your processor to overheat and potentially even damage your phone. One great feature of the Set CPU app is that you can create various profiles. You can tell the app to set the clock speed certain ways at certain times.

You can set it to slow down when the phone is running low on battery or when the overclocking phone gets too hot. This app enables you to really use your phone in the way that benefits you. Customizing battery life is something that someone with a standard, unrooted phone, can only wish he or she were able to do.

6. DroidWall

DroidWall is a free app that allows you to see how much space each app is consuming on your device. You can use DroidWall to make smart decisions about what to delete on your Android. Often, the apps and skins that the carrier installs into the default setting of the phone take up a great deal of space, slow down your phone, and lower performance quality in general.

If you have rooted your phone, DroidWall gives you the option to see the data on all of these apps and decide whether or not you want to keep them. DroidWall also permits you to control which apps have access to your data networks; you can handle and make decisions regarding this as well. This app gives you complete license to manage all the features of your phone and use your judgment as to what should be consuming memory and what should not be.

7. Root Call Blocker

Is there anyone that has your phone number, whom you wish had never gotten it? If you have anyone who is calling you constantly, annoying you, or whom you simply do not want to talk to, you would love Root Call Blocker. This Google Play app serves as a powerful firewall against calls and even text messages from unwelcome phone numbers.

This app allows you to block specific phone numbers. This way, when anyone calls from these numbers, your phone will not even ring. This app will block unwanted calls at the root level; you will not even be notified that these calls are coming in unless you specifically want to be and set it up accordingly. You can set it up so that you are notified when you receive calls from certain blocked numbers and not others. This is an excellent way to avoid the annoyance of being forced to pick up unwanted calls or even have the phone ring when you do not want to hear from the person on the other end.

8. Theft Aware

Theft Aware is a wonderful security app that allows you to find your phone when it has been lost or stolen. The security features that this app gives your phone are absolutely phenomenal; this app integrates extremely well with rooted Android phones. If someone has stolen your phone, there is actually a “CALL” command that you can use to make your phone secretly call you so that you can listen to the surroundings and perhaps gauge an idea of where the phone is, all with the thief being none the wiser.

The app is also invisible, so the thief cannot erase or disable it. In fact, the only way to log into it is to enter a code that you set up. This app is absolutely fantastic and is a must-have for anyone who wants the best security for his or her phone. If your phone is ever stolen, it allows you to very easily apprehend the thief and get your phone back without them even realizing how you did it.

9. Metamorph

This great app will allow you to customize every aspect of your Android device. One of the most fun parts of having a rooted phone is your ability to change everything about the way it looks, if you so desire. With these apps, a huge number of custom themes will be at your fingertips, or you can even create your own theme.

You can do this for just about every aspect of your phone, including your lock screen, menus, and app screens. This is a great way to really make your phone your own and let your creative side out. You can choose any skin, screen, or slideshow type setting that would make you happy to look at your phone every single day.

10. Tasker

This app is great for those who have busy schedules or want tasks to take place at certain intervals or times on your phone. Tasker is an extremely useful feature that you can use on a rooted phone; you can set the phone to perform a certain function at the same time every day. This app will automate just about anything on your phone, including pictures and text messages.

It can coordinate the changing of settings at certain intervals as well. You can also use this app to customize automated away or vacation messages that can differ depending on the recipient, record phone conversations, and track your phone via SMS messages in the case that it is lost or stolen. Essentially, the Tasker app is one of the best and most versatile organizing tools that you will find for a phone. It is the ultimate planner and coordinator.

Many More Rooted Apps Available

These are some of the best and most highly recommended apps that you can access and have on your phone after it is rooted. There are many more that are available, and the usefulness of any app, of course, depends on your personal needs and how far each app would go to meet them.

The multitude of Android users who have rooted phones say that rooting their phones allowed for much greater freedom and power. The apps that they were able to download onto their devices, including the ones described above as well as many more, allowed them to really tailor their phones according to their own needs.

Essentially, you can have total freedom as far as how your Android looks and functions. There are things that you are able to do with a rooted phone that you would not be able to even imagine in regular circumstances. You can thus have the phone that you want, rather than the phone your wireless carrier company wants you to have. The apps that you can have access to allow for a great deal of added convenience, creative license, and freedom in general.

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