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At first glance, it looks like the clash of clans because it has city hall and structure. Some of the features enabled in this game are that you can Train, Recruit, Create Battle Formation, Cultivate, and Awaken. One thing I love about games like this is that you are capable of rethinking every move and everything you are doing because the game itself is not turn-based or even real time.


Rise of Rome is a continuous methodology diversion for the iPhone that has the player partaking in a Roman Empire themed rivalry where you have to concoct the best techniques, developments, and the strongest corps to turn into the top saint in Ancient Rome. At the point when playing the amusement, in the wake of making your saint, you have to select, prepare, and dictate

Mission Accomplished

Building a solid realm obliges you to vanquish different provinces and gaining their copper, a valuable asset in the diversion. Ascent of Rome’s fight framework happens in different regions, areas, and urban communities. You’ll steer an armed force comprising of officers, rangers, long spearmen, even elephants.

It’s been temporarily since I played Age of Empires, and I wasn’t an immense aficionado of it, despite the fact that it was an astounding amusement, Rise of Rome helped me to remember AOE on occasion, and that is a decent thing. The menus do get a bit unwieldy once in a while, and the little screen of the iPhone can make it a bit hard for some old eyes to peruse.

Room to improve

If you already played the heroes: might and magic games, you’ll compare it to rise of rome where you control large armies and the combat system is close to it. Losing during battles can cause army to decrease as well as the enemy’s army capacity.

You are also allowed to equipped gears to increase armor as well as damage with upgrades and enhancements. When you look closer into the menus, you can see that you can check for the recent quests, daily quests, events, the senate quests, senate rewards, as well as pharaoh’s chests tab.


All things considered, Rise of Rome will give a test to gamers who revel in a continuous system amusement, regardless of the possibility that they may need to use a couple of bucks on in-application buys to make headway as fast as they may like.

Ascent of Rome has a decent test to offer to players who revel continuously methodology diversions. Fledglings at this kind of amusement may need to search somewhere else for a prologue to this sort of diversion.

Things I like about Rise of Rome:

  • Intuitive Tutorial System
  • Outstanding Graphics which has an engaging style of gameplay
  • Remarkable characters that has in-depth story
  • You can check the facebook page for tricks and perks

The downsides of Rise of Rome:

  • The text is not big enough to be seen clearly
  • This game needs to be played on pc also


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