Grim Joggers Freestyle


Lead the head runner of your parkour team throughout the never ending (randomized) level. Your goal is to run get as far as you can and lose as few teammates as possible. When the head runner jumps the other teammates jump from the same place he jumped from.

If you mess up chances are your teammates are going to die. There are many grim obstacles in this game ranging from flying aliens, upset polar bears, metal spikes, carnivorous plants, death traps, and cliffs. If you happen to run into an obstacle your head runner may die but you will immediately gain control of another live runner. From then on the other runners will follow whatever runner you now have control of.

There are also milestones that show up every 200 meters. The more runners still with you when you reach these milestones, the more your score multiplier will increase. Your total score actually represents calories. So if more runners remain alive your combined calories burned will be higher.

When the last jogger has died you will be presented with the statistics of the run. Youâ??re told your total multiplier number, calories burned, and some other interesting fact about that number of calories. For example you might be told how much total weight those calories burned or some other random facts that donâ??t actually relate to the way bodies use calories ?


Grim Joggers Freestyle has only one game mode which is called Freestyle Parkour. It does however have multiple achievements that you can complete. Some of those achievements are:

* Jog for 45 seconds

* Survive 1 minute 20 seconds

* Kill one jogger with each obstacle type

* Get multiplier of 100x

* Survive 30 seconds without anyone dying

* Survive for 40 seconds with only one jogger alive

Mission Accomplished

Grim Joggers Freestyle is for anyone who likes arcade games. It is fun to play and gets pretty challenging when your runners end up on two different levels. For example there is a ground level but sometimes you can also jump on a hill. If half of your runners are still on the ground and half of them are on the hill it proves a little crazy trying to survive the grim obstacles! If this doesnâ??t make it interesting enough youâ??d be surprised to know that you can also jump once while in the air!

Room to improve

This app has intrusive advertisements. Every time you tap â??Play againâ? you will be met with a random image advertisement. Also the background for the running level is dark and itâ??s hard to look ahead for obstacles because of this.


Grim Joggers Freestyle is just a sample of what you will get with the full version. Iâ??m sure that the average person that gives this free app a try will be tempted to get the full version. Aliens and battlefields? Count me in!

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  1. Parkour is becoming quite a popular trend which may lead to this apps success. Although i do dislike spammy adverts when I’m trying to play a game it really starts to take the fun out of it. Do you think that ads can be used within games like this without being really annoying.

    • I personally never put ads or in-app purchases in any of the apps I’ve produced, even the free ones. I think they are annoying full stop. If any of the app stores banned ads I think it would add to the prestige of that particular app store and downloaders would respect that particular app store above all others.

    • Honestly the advertisements just piss me off. In every single “The Bad:” I’ve included, I mentioned advertisements. It may seem dumb to comment on advertisements for every single app because 90% of them have ads, but I think it’s very important to gameplay. You’ll know what I mean as soon as you compare CSR Racing VS Hill Climb.

      Some apps have add banners, some have intrusive ones, and some can’t be skipped. In fact some apps are even starting to “give free in game stuff (aka valueless virtual crap)” for watching 30 second advertisements. It’s important to identify which apps bother you the most with ads.

      I think apps are becoming over saturated with ads. The other thing I personally think is stupid is buying in game coins. Why would I pay $9.99 for xxx amount of coins in an iPhone game when I can pay say $5.50 to get this amazing game bundle worth $200 ? Why would I pay $9.99 for in game coins when I could buy an Xbox game with 6x as much as that, and play hours and hours of multiplayer with no ads?

      Remember the times when we would just play games? Undistributed, free from ads? Gee, whatever happened to that?

      If a game sells in game points I hack the save file with “iFile” for jailbroken devices. Simple as that. I get 99999 coins and I’m happy.

      If the game offers advertisements I’m disgusted.

      It was one think to ignore T.V./internet ads, and another to have them stuffed down your throat. I’d rather sit on a trench club rather than watch advertisements for in game points

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