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This app is as simple as it gets: it’s a TV app that lets you watch over 100  HD channels ranging from traveling and sports to dramas and music. While browsing the channel list,  you can continue to watch your channel at the top of your device.

The other great thing about this app is that there’s a schedule built into each channel, so while you’re browsing the channels you can see what is actually playing, as well as what will be playing in the future. Browsing the channels is quick and effective, you can do it by category or by just browsing all of them at once.

Mission Accomplished

In addition to the channels having flawless video and audio feeds, the user interface of the app is also very streamlined.  Not to mention that sharing channels in this app is a breeze with the share button.

Room to improve

It would be really cool if there was a rewind feature in this app which would let you rewind a channel 30-60 seconds back in time. If you’re watching a fight for example it would be helpful to backtrack and see what just happened again.


For people looking to watch TV on their iDevices, this is the best way to do it. Obviously the channels aren’t HBO or anything like that, but they are quite entertaining and great for people that are on the go. It might not make as much sense for watching music videos, because you can always use YouTube for that, but when it comes to live fights and other TV channels, this is the app to go with.

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Genre: Entertainment
Price: Free
Developer: Pluto, Inc.
Size: 120.46M
Age Rating: 17+
Rated: 4.77119 by 1163054 customers.
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