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Plan Pals is a free iOS app that lets you do exactly what the title states: plan events with pals. This app is available on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and was created by Terwyn LLC.


Using this app you can create new events with a plethora of helpful metrics such as who will be there, where will the event be, when will the event start and when will it end, notes about the event, and much more. Plan Pals even lets you repeat events, receive alerts before the event or during it, and even chose which calendar to put the event on.

When selecting who will attend your event, you simply select those people from your contacts and their address, phone numbers, and email addresses will be included in the appointment information. With the gold version of this app, which one can upgrade to for $1.99, you can also notify people of the event appointment using email or SMS. This makes it easy to notify your friends, family, and business contacts of the events that you’re setting up.

The gold version of Plan Pals also lets you use the Favorite Appointments feature. In addition to confirming appointments using the free app’s features, you can also reschedule or cancel appointments with the gold version.

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Creating events is really simple with this app and can be done one-handed. Plan Pals definitely succeeds in being a valuable app for families, friends, and business contacts. ┬áIts efficient and beautiful user interface also stands out among hundreds of calendar apps on the app store which aren’t that unique or helpful.


Having this app downloaded is a good idea in case you ever need to setup an event. Otherwise, it’s obvious that if you’re someone that creates events or manages them frequently that Plan Pals is a good calendar app choice. The best part about it is that you can use 90% of the app for free, so if you like it you can always decide whether the extra communication features for $1.99 are worth it.

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