Pinball DJ

That song above ladies and gentlemen, was created using Pinball DJ. This free app is part game, part beat maker, and part awesome!


Using Pinball DJ you can create beats, tracks, and even entire songs with classic pinball machine sounds and elements. Instead of worrying about the pin balls falling through the bottom like with traditional pin ball games, in this beat maker you worry about where the pin balls fall, the sound they make, and what they hit next to keep the beat going.

The visual editor lets you place pin ball shooters, as well as props, plungers, and boards to create various sounds, single notes, and small loops.

Mission Accomplished

Starting with the free elements, you can create some really awesome tracks. The in-app purchases are justified in this app, since it is really valuable. Not to mention that there are no ads 🙂

Room to improve

While using Pinball DJ to create my own tracks, I did not find any glitches or shortcomings. The learning curve is really simple because of the tutorials that the app comes with. Once you download Pinball DJ, you’ll be making cool beats in no time!


For fans of pin ball games, machines, or sounds, this is a must-have app. Beat makers will also enjoy this “unconventional” way of putting together sounds and tracks. There’s even a revolutionary physical music-engine which the sound pros will appreciate. This isn’t just a little app where things hit each other and make cool sounds. Pinball DJ is akin to a powerful sound engine and beat maker, although it is quite a silly and fun one at that.

For more cool songs created by this app, checkout Pinball DJ’s channel page here. Their website is also available here.

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