People Who Escaped Death Against All Odds

Escaping Death

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Death…Are you scared of it? Iâ??m not…But there are some who cringe when talking about certain people who experienced gruesome deaths, and or those who were victims of heinous crimes.

Whatever the reason of someoneâ??s demise, it is always best to remember that no one can cheat death. But who knows? Some might get lucky…Some may have their guardian working overtime to protect those who we call â??the lucky onesâ?…

Here are some people who were among those on the list..Ahad Israfil is a 14 year old boy who survived an accidental discharge of a gun in 1987. It blew his brain out but was lucky enough to still live to tell how he feels about being given a second life.

Then thereâ??s someone by the name of Shannon Malloy…She was involved in a serious car crash accident that caused her to be internally decapitated. Her skull was pulled from her spine and her whole body was really shattered. But Shannon was able to pull it off through various surgeries. She may not look as she was before, but she was really glad to be alive.

But there are people who were luckier! Yes! Not once but seven times luckier. Who would have thought that anybody would survive after being struck by lightning not once, not twice but actually seven times?

This is the story of a man named Roy Sullivan…Lightning wonâ??t leave him alone! First one struck him on his leg while he was on a lookout tower which caused him to lose his nail. That was year 1942.The 2nd one was in 1969.The bolt hit him while he was driving and knocked him unconscious and leaving him with burned eyebrows. Next year he was again struck in his own homeland. This time he suffered from shoulder burns. Fourth one happened in 1972. It cost him his hair this time. The same thing happened the following year when lightning set his hair on fire. He got an injured ankle year 1974 when he was hit for the 6th time. The 7th and the last hit was 1977.Roy was sent to the hospital this time for burnt chest and stomach.

Though some said that we may never cheat death itself, but for some who were able to do it, their stories makes us want to think…Life is short and we must always be thankful for each and every day that we are alive. Hope these peopleâ??s stories inspire us. These people who escaped death against all odds..

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