Nine Tips on How to Play Laser Tag

Laser tag is a great to enjoy with your friends or with a new set of people. Most children will have grown up playing tag and simply the electronic, more modern version of that game. How to play laser tag? Here are some things for you to keep in mind:

Plan ahead

If you can get your hands on a map of the arena, you can check out the layout and scope out possible hiding areas and key spots where you can score the most lights. It’s going to be very dim inside the arena so familiarizing yourself with the layout only when you get there can take some time.

Dress appropriately

Most, if not all, indoor arenas will feature low lighting conditions. As such, it would be to your advantage if you can blend in so wear dark clothing. Avoid logos on shirts as much as possible and stay away from whites and light colors on clothes because black light will make those glow in the dark, making you an easy target in the arena. Don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes as well since you will be doing some running around.

Listen to instructions

Laser tag generally follows the same game rules but there may be specific guidelines in place for the arena you will be playing in. Make sure then that you listen to everything that will be said in the briefing period before you are allowed to enter the arena. Apart from game rules, instructions on how to operate equipment will also be highlighted so you must definitely listen, as well as special areas within the game where you can score more points.

Test your equipment

You don’t want your equipment to malfunction. If it does within the game, you’ll probably spend the rest of the time just running or hiding. No fun in that.


Once you’re inside the arena, go and find yourself a good spot to hide. Go where there’s cover so you don’t easily become the first target taken out. It depends on the laser tag arena though but you may be required to start at a station or base before the game begins. Go where your team’s base is and then immediately find cover when the game starts.

Aim for kill zones

Kill zones will vary depending on the outfit but hitting larger zones will earn you more points.


Good communication with your team is essential in winning. You will mostly have to think on your feet but it will always be a good thing to have someone covering your ass when you’re trying to avoid getting hit.


A surprise attack always hurts and the element of surprise may just be what you need to win.

Use mirrors

Mirrors might be in place in some laser tag arenas and you can use them to your advantage by letting you see enemies and shoot at them without having to actually face them. Be careful though because if you can see them, they can also most definitely see you as well.

Daniel Ruyter lives in Orlando and writes on behalf of Hard Knocks, the nation’s premier laser tag and combat simulation arena.

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  1. I played this game once in a bouncy castle type arena at a fairground. It was hilarious and good fun, especially as me and my friends had had a few beers. It was probably one of the most disorganised laser tag matches you might ever see. Half cut and falling/bouncing all over the place. A good memory :0

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