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By HKSA No1 Investment Inc
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Nearbuy is an app that lets shoppers keep track of the ir favorite brands and whether they are offering a discount or not. Unfortunately however, the app only keeps track of deals in UAE malls.

Mission Accomplished

Nearbuy keeps track of offers and when they end but it also lets users comment on the offers, save them, and share them. Users can also add an offer by providing the mall which they saw it at, brand name, start and end date of the offer, as well as a photo of the offer or brand.

Room to improve

This app could be a hit if only it allowed for tracking offers in different countries other than UAE.


If you live in UAE then Nearbuy is a must-have app for smart and effective shopping.

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Genre: Shopping
Price: Free
Developer: HKSA No1 Investment Inc
Size: 13.61M
Age Rating: 4+
User interface
Creative app idea
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