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So youâ??re old mobile has come to the end of its usefulness and itâ??s time to start looking for a new phone thatâ??s within your budget.

In this article we are going to review a new Android app that has appeared on Google Play called the Mobile Phone Deal Search Tool which has been designed to help you do just that.

Mobile Phone Deal Search Tool

If you hate trawling the web visiting site after site back and forth again and again looking for the best handset deal, you will love this app. It has been designed to present you with as much or as little information as you request. So if you are looking for a contract, pay as you go or sim free handset thatâ??s what it will show you with options that max out at your specific handset + specific network + specific free gift.

Search Options

The search options available on the Mobile phone deal search tool are really no different than you would find on websites like Phones4u or the CarphoneWarehouse however the in app options have been neatly packaged and organised in a logical manner. Working from left to right you have handsets, networks, free gifts, popular and cheapest offer and finally the option to choose how many deals you want the app to show you.

Once you select an option the app makes the selection of extra search options easy by including a next button which helps you comfortably navigate through them. I loved this little added extra and believe it to be a huge plus, mainly because if youâ??re anything like me I like my apps to work quickly.

App Design

The mobile phone deal search tools design is what you would expect from an app designed for this purpose. The search options are placed across the top with the results displayed below. How the results are displayed has been designed to be easily understood at a glance e.g. Handset chosen followed by price, tariff including any mobile data allowance, minutes, texts, monthly cost if a contract, extra offer details such as cash back and finally the option to buy from the retailer the offer is available from.

App Usability

From a usability standpoint the mobile phone deal search tool does what itâ??s supposed to, however I believe the fact that the app needs to be resized using pinch to zoom or zoom in and out buttons which are in the bottom right hand corner of the screen could be seen as a negative. Whether this is a true negative will come down to user preference though as at least this allows the app to be used in all screen sizes.

Mobile Phone Deal Search Tool â?? Should you use it?

Apart from the previously mentioned zoom to fit option this app does exactly what it was designed to do, provide specific handset offer search results. I believe that the developer has provided an extremely useful free app; itâ??s definitely one that I would recommend trying it out if you are looking for a new mobile phone.

Author: Darren Wall is an avid follower of all things mobile technology related and likes to write about the latest smartphones, tablets, operating systems and apps.

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