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Sometimes when I’m reviewing really un-fun apps, no matter how hard I try to get into them, they are just apps that I’m reviewing and not apps that I’m into. I have to say however that with MeowMix, I forgot I was even reviewing an app and I became really immersed in the gameplay.

A little backdrop on myself: I’m not the type of guy to watch endless videos of cats on YouTube, let alone even find cats that interesting to watch. If anything, I’d say this game’s cats have nothing to do with my liking it. The sound effects, game mechanics, and controls however are really stellar. I can’t place my finger on what I like best about this game because it truly is great overall.


In MeowMix you shift falling shapes of different colored cats to match them and tap them to make them disappear and earn points. If the cats aren’t matched enough and tapped, they will eventually pile up over the limit and the game will end. Tapping on combinations of more than three same-colored cats will earn you points however, and the goal is to earn as many points as you can before you get overwhelmed.

In addition to cats, there are some other perks that fall down which can be tapped on. Not to mention that cats can be tapped on and removed in “chains” instead of just three’s.

Room to improve

When pressing on of the social buttons, I believe the one that says “VK,” a message box comes up saying that posting was “successful” even though you’re never asked to login. Other than that though, I haven’t seen anything else that this app needs to improve on.


If you like puzzle or action games, then you should give this game a try. Although it has a “restore purchases” button in the menu I wasn’t able to find anything to purchase in the game. If anything, this game is completely free to play and enjoy. So why not give it a shot?

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