Make Your Driving Experience Easier With These Fab Gadgets!

Over the past few years there has been an increase in the amount of driving related gadgets available to the discerning motorist.

Some of them have been okay but many more have been nothing more than a waste of time and money. After all, the last thing we need nowadays is a distraction out there on the increasingly busy roads. Many accidents have been caused by drivers who are not fully tuned into their driving activities. This article has unearthed some new innovations that actually bring some real usefulness to the driving table for once. If you are interested in making your motoring experience a little more easy and enjoyable, please read on!

Hands-Free Boot Opening â?? POA â?? Various Manufacturers

This is currently an optional extra being offered by some of the car manufacturers at the moment and very handy it is too! Although it has nothing to do with driver safety, it is definitely very useful for those moments when you have your hands full after a trip or a shopping expedition. Picture the scene, you have 3 full bags of groceries in each hand and the rain is absolutely sheeting down on a cold and windy evening. The car park floor is plagued with deep puddles and you have just about had enough of the whole thing. You approach your car and with a waggle of your foot, under the rear bumper, the boot/trunk opens up obediently! This is one of those moments when you are pleased you paid that small premium for this fabulous gadget. As long as you have the car key on your person, you will never again have to scrabble around in the dark and rain for those precious keys. A fantastic extra and will surely be offered as standard before too long!

Self-Parking â?? POA â?? Various Manufacturers  

Not all of us happen to have been blessed with silky parking skills and this can be a very stressful activity for the less spatially aware out there. As well as taking a considerable amount of time, you can easily turn this manoeuvre into an expensive dilemma if you scratch the paintwork of that brand new Ferrari parked smugly alongside you. Well fear no longer, this device will help you park that car with ease, and then some! The sensors work their magic and all that is required from the driver is to operate the gas, clutch and brake pedal. We are not quite sure how this magical activity works, but we are sure glad it does. If your partner is a bit ham-fisted when it comes to those oh so tight parking spaces, just install this bad boy on the car and your dents worries are well and truly over. The cost of this extra may not be cheap but that will depend on your car manufacturer. The BMW and Mercedes drivers may baulk at the premium cost, but thatâ??s what you get for driving a German piece of perfect engineering after all!  We love this gadget and believe it will soon be available for all makes of car.

Driving Made A Little Easier!

So there we have two very useful extras that will surely make your driving hassles shrink away before too long!

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Todayâ??s feature writer, Harry Blake, is a sports car enthusiast and a frequent blogger. He likes to know about the latest gadgets and is a fan of customized cars. He suggests car owners to get bf goodrich tires in Canada due to their strong and reliable nature.

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