LZRTAG Offers Artists A Virtual Space to Vent Out Their Creativity In The Form of Graffiti

Graffiti Art

Graffiti is the expression of a free artist; the design of free will carved out with emotions on the medium of the artistâ??s choice. The illustrations he creates are completely subjective, since they are the musings of his creativity or repressed feelings.

The art of graffiti is most visible on the brick and boring walls of subway stations, over-head bridges and also secluded walls behind alleys. However, what is art that cannot be appreciated or shared? Now, the internet has become an alternative way to create and share graffiti by posting online.

Awakening to the virtual world

The virtual world has opened up avenues unexplored for the art of graffiti. Now, you can tag and share your drawings with your friends and acquaintances online with a revolutionary smart phone reality app called LZRTAG. In fact, the enhanced smart phone app is trying to make the virtual graffiti imagery more interesting by upgrading processes to tag images and animation.

This new Android platform smart phone app shows paired marker tags, a 3D barcode modification, which triggers the â??virtualâ?? and â??realityâ?? aspect of the app. You can zero-in on the marker tags with your smart phone camera. By doing so, the image will be visible on the mobileâ??s screen in between the two bracket of tags. These special tags can pertain to heavy 250 KB animation files and also not so heavy files like still imagery.

An artistâ??s delight

With the amazing LZRTAG app, any artist can create an image or any form of animation, upload it to the website and then place the marker tags on a real-world surface. These are akin to the corner pieces that are used to bind together photographs in a photo-book album. Moreover, when these marker tags are well positioned they generate a frame for the tag to come into view.

Each uploaded tag stays for as long as six months worth a minimum time span. It can stay longer if it is being read regularly or quite often. If the tag has not been read for up to six months, the marker tags are reused or recycled to be applied with another tag.

What’s more, tagging and sharing is not the only feature the LZRTAG app boasts of.

Big benefits with a small app

It proposes more uses than just a virtual graffiti spray. It can be widely used by advertisers and media conglomerates to enhance the element of reciprocation and interaction via the print media, out-door-advertising billboards, and also via the desktop or laptop screen. In fact, an advertiser can run an animated image or picture of a particular logo or product.

For instance, a daily newspaper may also incorporate marker tags in a story to give additional imagery or simple video animations. Other examples of a tag on the reality appâ??s website are flashing the logo of a company, a fashion or womenâ??s magazine carrying an animated image of a lipstick or gloss being applied to a pair of lips. The LZRTAG app currently offers a free service. But, for big, corporate usage by advertisers, the company is giving out a license in order to host tags.

This is a guest post by Duke Johnson.


Image courtesy of Maggie Smith / freedigitalphotos.net

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