Lose Your Marbles With ‘Wooden Labyrinth 3D’


A great iOS download choice is ‘Wooden Labyrinth 3D’  with labyrinths of wooden maze levels awaiting your precision metal ball or marble rolling skills . . .

Wooden Labyrinth 3D is a realistic game, based on the old-fashioned style metal ball in a wooden maze type games that I used to buy when I was younger. There is a free version and also a paid version under $1.

The trouble with buying those old-fashioned style, guide the metal ball around the box type games is that you are limited to just one layout. This game has endless levels, with a different layout every time.

The graphics are spot on, with the game viewed from above as if really playing the real physical game. Even the sound effects and the physics seem like the real thing.

If you are not happy with the sensitivity of the graphics, you can alter the settings and tailor the roll behaviour to your liking.

One new feature on this game that appeared on this game since I downloaded Labyrinth 3D is the ability to make the ball jump. This is done by jolting the device, so that you can jump over difficult spots. However, I prefer never to use this feature personally, as I like the challenge of not doing this.

The free option is very popular in the app store. An addictive and simple little game. You can even try and beat your own record for the average level clearance time.

If you upgrade to the full game, you can customise your marbles and create your own levels.

This won the best the best game design award in the students category in 2009. The game has also backed up with a barrage of positive reviews from iOS game players.

I can’t fault this game. But as a suggestion to the developer, a spin off variation of this game could be made with obstacles and different physics objects incorporated. For example, you could have springs, bombs and switches perhaps.



Icon for Wooden Labyrinth 3DApp Name: Wooden Labyrinth 3D

Developer: Elias Pietila

Price: Under $1 + Free Version Available

Available For: iPhone

Size: 13.2 MB


Screenshots for Labyrinth 3D


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‘Pool Bar’ Free Version

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