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Remember when you could walk over to your friend’s bookshelf and look through the books they’ve read or their music collections and find something you would enjoy? That’s exactly what Lister, developed by Notelr, lets you do with restaurants, bars, hotels, and other venues.

Lister is like the digital bookshelf for locations in which you can create lists and share them with friends. Friends can even chime in and add their own locations to those lists.


To start a list you just need a title, a date, and a location. For example you could start a list titled “Best Hotels in NYC” located in NYC. Then you can open it up and start adding hotels from the list of hotels in the area. Friends that view your list can do so either through a regular list, or through the visual map which shows where each hotel is located.

Each hotel can also be tapped on to gain more information such as phone number, ratings, hours, and website. If your list is about bars, national parks, or other sorts of attractions, the app still loads in all the information about that area such as phone numbers and hours.

Mission Accomplished

This app is free and there are no ads in sight. Not to mention that it doesn’t bug you with any in-app purchases. This means that from the moment you download this app and start using it, you’re getting the best experience possible without having to invest any further.

The idea behind sharing locations through lists, just like we used to be able to share our bookshelves and music libraries, is also really creative and useful in today’s day and age.

Lister’s user interface and features are also really great.

Room to improve

I wasn’t able to find out how to add custom locations to my lists. It appears that you can only add locations from Lister’s database of hotels, bars, restaurants, parks, and other venues. This is a setback because if you want to add a new place to your lists, you won’t be able to find it in the database and there’s no way to input a custom address.


If you’re looking to share great places with your friends, and vice versa, then Lister is a must-have app.

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