The Facial Massage

‘The Facial Massage’ by Paula Monaghan enables you to give yourself a complete facial massage to not only look younger, but also to release tension and improve your mood through regular facial massages.

This app is currently priced at $1.99 at the time of this review and is targeted at the iPhone/iPod Touch. However, I tested this app out on my iPad at x2 and it was perfectly okay.

The main plus point for me when looking at the usefulness of this video instructional app on facial massages was that it will save you a truck load of money. Instead of having to travel to a spa or clinic you can carry out a self facial massage in the comfort of your own home for free. Next time you go past a beauty clinic, take note of the price of just one facial massage session. I guarantee it will be around ten times the cost of this app.

There are no in-app purchases or ads in this app. By learning these techniques I can see that you can also give friends a facial massage, making you instantly more popular in your circle of friends for sure.

The video is about 21 minutes long and packed with useful techniques which are clearly explained and easy to follow. The instruction is divided into several parts, a facial warm up massage followed by a complete facial massage workout targeting key areas of the face.

I like the app icon which is minimalistic and pure white in colour which really stood out on my device.

There are over 30 facial massage movements for you to learn in this app. Once you learn the techniques and become familiar with them, the app will be an invaluable reference point if you forget a technique or need a demonstration.

Your face is full of nerves and pleasure points which makes facial massages so pleasurable. As well as relaxation and enjoyment you gain aesthetic results as well, such as an even skin tone and less wrinkles and lines. Thereby making you look younger and fresher in general.

If you come home stressed from work you can have a facial massage to release tension and to improve your mood.

I can see another use to this app if you have a patient husband/partner – why not ask him/her to learn the massage movements so that you can both perform a facial massage on each other?

Facial massages detoxify the face and body too. Lymph is a clear fluid that is filtered by lymph nodes and moves through the blood stream. A lack of muscle movement can end up creating a sluggish response in your lymphatic system leading to a build up of toxins. Regular facial massages negate these harmful effects.

Forget having to search through the phone book for cosmetologists or aestheticians, and keep your money in your pocket to spend on other things. This app is all you will ever need.

Did you know that wrinkles in china are believed to be caused by stagnant ‘Chi’? This is along the same lines as a a stagnant lymphatic system, so the Western and Eastern cultures both respect the value of massage or facial massages.

Add this app to your arsenal of weapons against stress, ageing, headaches or insomnia. You’ll find that this app is priceless.

Overall, a very useful app with high quality video tips on how you can regularly perform facial massages, as well as having concise, well explained methods in the art of facial massage.

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Hi, Jayne here from App Reviews 4U reviewing ‘The Facial Massage’ by Paula Monaghan which is an app where you can learn to do a mini-facial or express facial at home.

This app is for the iPhone, but I’ve tested it on an iPad and the video comes out well on the iPad too when you enlarge it at times 2.

The Facial Massage white app icon really stands out on my device, let’s start the app up . . .

Click on icon

The video is presented by Isald who teaches you over 30 facial, self massage movements and techniques

Let’s take a look at the introduction before we move on to examining the benefits of facial massage in more detail.

Play intro . . .

Freeze video

As you heard, in this long video which is about 21 minutes long, is a complete facial workout to keep your skin looking fresher, younger looking and more toned. Whilst at the same time releasing tension which is one of the main causes of wrinkles and lines forming on the face.

Text screen 1

As you can see this self facial massage starts with a massage to release tension and smooth the face.

Then follows with a facial exercise workout which starts with some warm up tension releasing exercises. Followed by facial massage exercises, targeting specific areas of the face.

Let’s look at some short clips of the self facial massage and some of the benefits of this app and of regularly giving your face a facial massage workout.

Play clip 1 . . .

Text Screen 2

1) With this app you will save a lot of money. Facial massages in a spa will cost you at least 10 times the amount of the price of the app. You can have a self facial massage regularly at no extra cost.

2) Facial massages improve your mood. A recent study at the User Science Institute proved that facial massage decreases anxiety and improves upon a negative mood.

3) Facial massages detoxify the face and body. Muscle movement pushes lymph fluid through the body, thereby removing toxins.

Play clip 2 . . .

Text Screen 3

1) Facial massages leads to improved complexion, produces an even skin tone and enhances the overall vitality of your skin, reducing signs of ageing.

2) In many facial massage strokes the muscles are lifted to counteract gravity to give you a natural face lift.

Play clip 

Text Screen 4: Conclusion

In conclusion, I’d have to say that this app will save you a lot of money and you can also learn the movements to give friends a facial massage.

The video is well structured and scripted and easy to follow.

I can tell that the developer has really gone to town on fitting in as many tips and techniques as they possibly could in this video based app.

A really useful app all round.

Well, that’s all from me reviewing ‘The Facial Massage’ by Paula Monaghan.

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  1. Wow…this is great! I never thought a app like this even existed, I can now save so much more by simply learning the various massage technique via this amazing app! Goodbye stress, this is my companion now! 😀

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