Is The Infamous Pomegranate Phone Any Closer To Becoming A Reality?

Pomegranate Phone

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Do you remember the Pomegranate phone? It was really quite cleverâ?¦but not in the way you might think.

What Was The Pomegranate Phone And What Could It Do?

The Pomegranate phone was a revolutionary idea; one which seemed almost magical in its scope and ability. On the website for the product, you found (and can still find) a slick site designed to draw you in and inform you of this deviceâ??s astounding features. Not only did it have GPS, an MP3 player, a camera and internet access (so far, so normal right?) it also hadâ?¦wait for itâ?¦a shaver, a built in harmonica, a coffee brewer, a projector  and a language translator that let you speak to anyone in up to 50 languages.

Exceptâ?¦It Didnâ??t.

For all of you getting exciting and trying to imagine how much it costs, hereâ??s some bad news: it is not for sale. In fact, it doesnâ??t even exist. This incredible, multi-use mobile was an advertising ploy concocted back in 2008 by Nova Scotia, a Canadian province! Once you had explored the features of the phone, you clicked on the release date, and found yourself being redirected to a website aiming to direct tourism to Nova Scotia. It was an amusing and original scam, with many people believing the phone was real. It certainly worked, through; the website promoting Nova Scotia received thousands of hits.

Could It One Day Be Real?

It seems a shame that you canâ??t have an all-in-one device which would make work and play so much easier. But maybe it is possible? After all, there would probably be a lot of demand for something like that.  Some of the features that the fake Pomegranate purported to have are not so far-fetchedâ?¦Nano projectors are real, and have already been put into mobile phones. However, people donâ??t have much use for tiny, portable, low-quality projectors yet. Phones which translate foreign languages for you are also already out there. But the shaver and harmonica? Well, for now, that doesnâ??t look too likely.

Just A Dreamâ?¦For Now

There are lots of high tech phones out there. There are ones with collapsible or pull-out touch screens, ones you can wear on your wrist, and even ones you can shake to charge up (not in regular circulation, of course). However, creating a real â??Pomegranateâ?? would be a bit of a stretch. Can you imagine how much memory a phone like that would need? That kind of storage space just isnâ??t available. Also, what kind of phone has the energy to brew coffee (as the Pomegranate claimed to)? This seems messy and impractical, as well as impossible. And would the coffee even taste that great? The amount of power a real one of these would need is just unthinkable.

If a phone like this existed, it would probably put all others out of business. What do you think? Could it be possible one day? Do you wish you could have one?

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Naomi Anderson Whittaker is a student from Leeds who loves her mobile and is obsessed with phone technology. She writes for GKBC Academy.

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