Is It The End of the Laptop Age?


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In the age of the Tablet and the Smartphone the laptop is no longer king and is beginning to look increasingly clunky and outdated. Here are the main reasons why:


1) Size Matters. Fact.

Despite being just over five foot myself, I am a great believer in the view that size does matter. Unfortunately, for the humble laptop (once a key staple for any self-respecting lover of technology) size is an important factor contributing to its decline of popularity. Even though there have been immense advancements in technology over the past few years, the laptop as a piece of equipment has failed to adopt and implement any drastic changes in size. With this, it is easy to see why small tablets and even smaller Smartphoneâ??s which can both perform similar tasks to a laptop have risen in popularity.

2) Ow! The Weight of this Tablet/Smartphone is Hurting My Arm. Said No One. Ever

Iâ??m lazy, but importantly I have accepted this. Like most people I donâ??t really take any pleasure in carrying heavy objects, especially when a smaller and relatively light weighted alternative is available. The laptop for any public transport commuter, walker or student is guilty of not only being a heavy object, but one which requires accessories such as a charger in order to retain its functioning ability for the duration of a day. For modern technology flexibility is vital, and along with its weight and size the laptop has rigid constraints, whereas the tablet and Smartphone offer a key element of flexibility.


3) Hot Spots, Open Zones, 3G and 4G.

If you are over the age of 18 then like me you will distinctly remember the simpler time of dial-up services and the accompanying annoying sound it would loudly make when connecting to the internet.

Fortunately as technology has advanced we have seen the introduction of broadband and Wi-Fi networks, with their wonderful hot spots and open zones. As a result of this we no longer need a laptop in order to connect to the internet on the go, but we can just simply connect on any tablet or Smartphone and perform the same internet related tasks.

In addition to this the availability of 3G and the newly introduced 4G has introduced a new way in which we can connect on the move, and sadly the laptop can no longer always guarantee this in the most compact way, thus almost heralding its own demise. Letâ??s not forget the innovative technology of server hosting and cloud computing that has revolutionised the business world. Who even needs a laptop?

Despite the impending end of the laptop age, I am confident that they will make great ornaments to display as a sign of times gone by.

Do you believe that the laptop should not wave the white flag of surrender just yet? Leave them in the comment section below!

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