Iron Dragon II – Revenge

Iron Dragon II – Revenge is a continuation to the first Iron Dragon game where the main character’s sister was kidnapped. In this game however, his sister, Sala, has been saved and they begin to fight together as a team.

This game embraces in a way that men and women are equally powerful. In fact, it seems at times that playing as the girl character is easier than the guy. Even in the story it’s discovered that Sala’s powers are even greater than her brother’s.


So on top of the great story and morals that this game provides for children and parents, it’s also fun to play. There are always more powerups you can unlock and plenty of levels (12) to complete.

There’s also a multiplayer mode allowing people nearby to hook two devices together and play through the story as brother and sister.

Mission Accomplished

The soundtrack is great and so is the retro graphics and animations. Iron Dragon II is an old school game that both young and older people will enjoy.


For kids this game is appealing because of its fighting, but little do they know there are subliminal messages in Iron Dragon II about equality. Parents can enjoy this game because of its values or they can enjoy it because it reminds them of the good old days when all gaming had to offer was good story lines and creativity: not just cool effects and multiplayer shooters.

Iron Dragon II offers a lot of value for a free game. And even though you can purchase coins with in-app-purchases there isn’t any need to do so to complete the game.

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Retro graphics
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Balanced game
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