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The following text interview is with Raoul Shah, who has developed apps on the iOS platform as well as on Android and Nook, with plans to port his apps to other platforms too. Raoul is brimming with confidence and also enjoys website design. There are many interviews with the big guns in app creations, but not so many interviews with up and coming developers who are creating apps.

1) Can you tell us a bit about yourself Raoul?

I am a excellent web designer and a programmer, (still learning)

2) What motivated you to start making apps?

One of my friends started making apps and I thought to myself, ‘I want to be on the app store also, and be featured on many websites and get money and hopefully get my LatinToGo App Featured by Apple Some day.’

3) What apps have you made so far and which is your most popular app right now?

I have made: LatinToGo, iStayConnected, Free App Monster, BalloonsPop, BalloonsPop HD, Calculate+. My most popular app I would say is BalloonsPop. Many kids love to interact with things they love.

4) What is your next planned app / future project?

I plan to spread my LatinToGo app through the BlackBerry app store and through other hit markets.

5) Can you tell us of any challenges or hurdles you’ve had to overcome in making apps?

When you’re making an app, your must have patience, as you cannot rush just to try and submit you app, as if there is a mistake, you won’t be able to do anything until a week or two later.

6) Do you develop for other platforms/devices other than iOS?

I develop for Android, Nook, and I will be soon developing for BlackBerry.

7) What advice would you give to someone thinking of starting to develop apps from scratch?

Take your time, don’t rush, and have fun!

8) What are your all time favourite apps by other developers, and why?

I have also been a very big fan of the HIT App Temple Run. I have spoken to the developer and he said that it took time to make it, but it was worth it. Temple Run has been a wild journey, and has been featured in more then 30+ countries and downloaded more than 27 million times since November 2011.

9) With so many apps now on the App Store, how do you make people aware of your apps?

I run a couple of blogs and I try to strive to spread my apps through developing forums and emails and family and friends.

10) Can you tell us any additional information about . . . well, just about anything related to developing and your experiences that you’d like to share?

Making apps is hard, But in the end, its 100% worth it!

Apps by Raoul Shah:

Raoul Shah's Apps

Screenshots of some of Raoul Shah’s apps:

Screenshots for BalloonsPop


Screenshots for Latin To Go

Thank you to Raoul for giving us a useful insight into creating apps.
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